Thermoelectric Peltier Modules Selection Software

Thermoelectric Peltier Modules Selection Software
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The free software tool available from our partner Kryotherm allows to predict performance and... more
Product information "Thermoelectric Peltier Modules Selection Software"

The free software tool available from our partner Kryotherm allows to predict performance and select single or a set of thermoelectric modules in applications where thermal resistance values both on the hot and cold side are known along with the insulation resistance. Estimation tools for the resistance of heat sinks or water coolers as well as for heat load determination are also included.

Kryotherm has developed this dedicated software tool “KRYOTHERM” for easy understanding of technical characteristics of modules as well as for calculations of thermoelectric cooling systems.

Based on many years of communication with customers, the tool provides answers to the following, most frequently asked questions:

  • What are the specific operating features of this particular TEC?
  • How many coolers are required for my task, and of what type?
  • What will be the result if these coolers are used in the existing cooling system?

The software includes three sections:

  1. "Perfomance Graphs". This section presents the graphs of dependencies of thermoelectric cooler parameters in various combinations under different operating conditions.
  2. "Choice of modules". This section will help to select optimal (from point of view of power consumption or cost) type and number of thermoelectric coolers for the particular system specifying its main heat-transfer and electrical parameters (synthesis).
  3. "Thermoelectric System". Here the user can create the computer model of the particular system and perform the analysis of its operation depending on type and number of thermoelectric coolers used in it, variants of their connection, supply voltage, etc. (analysis).

Besides the parameters of Kryotherm TECs and the possibility to calculate the systems on that basis, the tool includes the algorithms for calculation of thermal insulation and heat exchanger parameters. All this permits to solve a variety of tasks around thermoelectric cooling – from calculation of domestic refrigerators and liquid coolers to cooling systems of computer processors, night vision devices, etc.

The tool’s “Help” section provides the detailed instructions on its use in English and Russian language. The user can save the parameters of the thermoelectric system being designed in the separate file for subsequent use or transfer. In case any difficulties arise during solving some particular task, it is possible to transfer the design data to Kryotherm’s thermal management specialists – they will help to find the correct solution of any particular problem.

Key Features:

  • Predicts operating parameters of thermoelectric module
  • Optimization of configuration for efficiency or cost
  • Includes estimation tool for thermal resistance of heat sink
  • Performance graphs for all standard Kryotherm TEMs


  • Design of thermoelectric cooling systems
  • Prediction of thermoelectric module performance
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