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T Series Film Capacitors NWL-Cornell Dubilier CDE
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Cornell Dubilier CDE (formerly NWL)’s low loss dielectric system designs, combined with an... more
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Cornell Dubilier CDE (formerly NWL)’s low loss dielectric system designs, combined with an understanding of managing heat for critical applications, brings to market the WF-Series capacitor products. This air cooled high voltage product accommodates both high voltage DC insulation, and high voltage AC RMS sine wave circuits. In power factor correction applications where the AC harmonic component exceeds the conventional rating, Cornell Dubilier CDE’s WF-Series capacitors are made to handle excessive RMS current harmonics provides resolve.
Cornell Dubilier CDE’s T-Series capacitors are DC filter, DC pulse capacitors that offer a customized package approach with a variety of preferred termination options. By utilizing in-house standard dielectric film systems, both metalized polypropylene and polypropylene/foil, Cornell Dubilier CDE can keep the solution economical. Cornell Dubilier CDE can create the ideal mounting features directly on the packages that can position a capacitor into the areas where overall volume is a concern or convenience is preferred. All capacitors need to be electrically connected and for Cornell Dubilier CDE’s T-Series, the termination is out of the capacitor to the customer’s connection point. By utilizing insulated wires, custom bus work, and the end connection required for contacts, T-Series capacitors allow innovation into the design that makes routine assembly fast and effective.

T-Series capacitors are well suited for many power modules and power supply applications including:

  • Magnetizing coils
  • DC input / output filtering
  • High energy storage pulse

Unique features of the T-Series capacitor include:

  • Custom package – Select from assortment of unique packages or create and customize to exactly fit into desired volumes as well as added features on capacitor housing.
  • Terminal options – With a wide variety of termination options: insulated wires with standard snap terminals, pc board pins, custom laminated bus, threaded terminals, threaded inserts, and any means of bringing the capacitor to required collective contacts.
Product Group: Film Capacitors
Manufacturer Series Name: T Series
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