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START_ALIGN Alignment Kits and Tools OZ Optics
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For Pigtail-style or Receptacle-Style Couplers (FC, FC/APC, FC/AFC, ST, SC, or Angled SC);... more
Product information "START/ALIGN Alignment Kits and Tools"

For Pigtail-style or Receptacle-Style Couplers (FC, FC/APC, FC/AFC, ST, SC, or Angled SC); Wavelength Ranges 180-700, 400-1600 nm; Includes MM Patchcord or Fiber Assembly, Collimating Wrench (ALIGN), Polarization Alignment Jig (POL-ALIGN) and Video/DVD

Key to successful alignment of any laser to fiber coupler is the initial task of getting the focused light to strike the core of the single mode (SM) or polarization maintaining (PM) fiber. OZ Optics' START alignment kits for laser to fiber couplers and ALIGN alignment kits for laser diode to fiber couplers simplify this task significantly by first using a multi mode (MM) fiber with a larger, relatively easy to target 50 µm core as the output fiber. Then by observing the output pattern from the MM fiber, one can improve the alignment, so the light is striking very close to the center of the fiber. Once this alignment is optimized, the MM fiber is removed and replaced with the SM or PM fiber. If done correctly, it should only take minor adjustments to successfully couple light into the SM or PM fiber.

A video or DVD clearly shows how to align laser and laser diode to fiber couplers using these kits in a clear, step-by-step fashion. START and ALIGN alignment kits are available for both receptacle- and pigtail-style laser to fiber couplers.

Perhaps the most difficult task is to align the polarization axis of lasers to the polarization axis of PM fibers. The POL-ALIGN polarization alignment tool makes this adjustment in seconds. The tool consists of a connector that fits the receptacle on the laser to fiber coupler. Inside the connector is a polarizer, aligned 90 degrees to the key on the connector.

A laser to fiber coupler’s tilt screws and locking screws must be tightened with just the correct torque. To address this concern, a dedicated torque screwdriver is available.

Key Features:

  • Simplifies Alignment of Laser to Fiber Couplers
  • Video/DVD Instructions Explains the Process Step by Step
  • Reduces Your Assembly Time
  • Completely Reusable
  • Inexpensive
  • Polarization Tool Gets Alignment Right the First Time
  • Optional Torque Screwdriver Ensures Parts Are Tightened Correctly
  • Wavelength Range: IRVIS (400 nm to 1600 nm), UVVIS (180nm to 700 nm)
  • Suitable for:  
  1. Pigtail-style Couplers With 4, 8, 12 mm OD lens housings
  2. Receptacle-style Couplers with NTT-FC, Super NTT-FC, Ultra NTT-FC, NTT-FC/APC, Adjustable Focus NTT-FC/APC, NTT-FC/AFC, AT&T-ST, SC, or Angled SC Fiber Connector

 Applications: Alignment of Laser to Fiber Couplers and Laser Diode to Fiber Couplers With SM or PM Fibers

Product Group: Alignment Kits and Tools
Manufacturer Series Name: START/ALIGN
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