SMARTSens-D Digital UVC Irradiance Sensors

SMARTSens-D Digital UVC Irradiance Sensors Labsphere
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254, 265, 275 nm; Irradiance 20-20000 µW/cm²; Resolution 0.3 µW/cm²; SNR 10 4 ; Interface USB... more
Product information "SMARTSens-D Digital UVC Irradiance Sensors"

254, 265, 275 nm; Irradiance 20-20000 µW/cm²; Resolution 0.3 µW/cm²; SNR 104; Interface USB 2.0 Type C; Power Supply 5 VDC, 100 mA

Labsphere’s calibrated SMARTSens-D digital UVC irradiance sensors enable real-time UVC dose monitoring for the validation of UVC surface disinfection. Easily access dosage information on demand using Labsphere’s SMARTSens-D software platform, or integrate the digital sensors as a component in your UVGI system software using the provided firmware and APIs as the basis for developing a dashboard for multiple devices and installs.

Each sensor is available for either UVC or far UVC measurements and delivers unparalleled application flexibility and measurement accuracy with irradiance responsivity calibration options for Hg sources (for disinfection at 254 nm) and LED sources, including 265 nm and 275 nm LEDs.

Labsphere’s SMARTSens-D digital UVC irradiance sensors are available with one to four SSD-UVC/UVCF-2M sensors per UVC-HESC-001/002 controller. Choose the number of sensors that best monitors the UVC dose in your UVGI system design.

Labsphere’s SMARTSens-D integrated digital UVC sensors UVC-HISC-001/002 feature the controller integrated into the sensor package for simplified dose monitoring and are available as single sensors that can be used to monitor UVC irradiance and dose. Multiple sensors can be networked and monitored from a central location.

Not sure where to place your sensors or how many sensors you need? AMS Technologies and Labsphere have you covered with the supplier’s comprehensive radiometric modeling service. For SMARTSens products, Labsphere offers modeling of an enclosed volume such as UV-C disinfection cabinet or enclosure, as well as modeled simulations of illumination in the enclosed environment under varying lighting conditions and geometric scenarios. As a result, we can assist in determining the best locations for integrating SMARTSens UVC irradiance and dose-meter sensors to validate disinfection cabinet performance, hotspots, cold spots, and optical radiation distribution and uniformity.

The modeling package includes:

  • A Zemax model and optical radiation distribution in the chamber for up to three different lighting scenarios.
  • Correlation between irradiance at up to five specific locations within the chamber to sensors mounted on the wall of the chamber
  • A complete report that includes all analysis, summaries, and recommendations

Key Features:

  • Real-time Dose Monitoring for Disinfection Confidence and Exposure Safety
  • Instantaneous System Performance Feedback Enables Immediate Troubleshooting and Increased Performance Confidence
  • Concurrent Dose Monitoring Allows Tracking of Area Safety Levels to Optimize Efficiencies
  • Measures Surface Irradiance
  • Irradiance Range: 20 µW/cm² to 20 mW/cm²
  • Absolute Resolution: 0.3 µW/cm²
  • Relative Resolution: 0.0015% to 1.5%, Depending on Irradiance
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 104
  • f2 Directional Response: <1.5%
  • Communication Protocol: USB 2.0 Type C
  • Hardware Sampling Rate: 10 Hz
  • User Defined Running Average: Up to 25 Readings
  • Sensor Input Optics Type: Diffuser Dome, 9 mm Diameter
  • Power Supply: USB 2.0 Type C, 5 VDC, 100 mA
  • Dimensions Controllers: 41 x 41 x 24 mm (SSC-1000), 42 x 42 x 36 mm (SSC-4000)
  • Dimensions Irradiance Sensors SSC-UVC/UVCF: 28 x 28 x 13 mm
  • Dimensions Integrated Irradiance Sensors UVC-HISC-001/002: 41 x 41 x 23 mm

Applications: Real-time UVC Dose Monitoring in Medical Disinfection Enclosures, Disinfection Chambers, Rooms and Production Systems; Validation of UVC Surface Disinfection; Tracking Disinfectant Lamp Performance in HVAC Systems for UVGI Coil Maintenance

Product Group: Digital UVC Irradiance Sensors
Manufacturer Series Name: SMARTSens-D
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