SLC-Series USB/RS232 & External Trigger LED Controllers

SLC-Series USB_RS232 & External Trigger LED Controllers Mightex
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2, 4 Channels; 9-24 VDC; 100-3,500 mA Per Channel; Interface USB, RS232; External Trigger;... more
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2, 4 Channels; 9-24 VDC; 100-3,500 mA Per Channel; Interface USB, RS232; External Trigger; Current Resolution 0.1-1 mA

Mightex’s SLC-Series of USB/RS232 and external trigger LED controllers allow users dual software control of individual LED channels plus external TTL trigger control. User-friendly application software and SDK are provided, and models come with USB and RS232 interfaces with a flip switch on the back of the units to select either USB2.0 or RS232 interface.

Each multi-channel, computer-controllable unit comes with PC-based software with a user-friendly GUI, which enables users to drive LEDs without the need to write any code. In addition, a powerful SDK and a rich RS232 command set are provided, in order for users to write their own software and to integrate Mightex’s LED controllers into their own systems. A Linux driver is also available upon request. Furthermore, the drivers have a built-in security feature, allowing users to limit LED driving current and voltage. Models with forward voltage monitoring capability have an accuracy of ±10 mV.

Mightex’s SLC-Series of USB/RS232 and external trigger LED controllers can be used to drive any type of LED in any of the three modes ‘Normal’ (or ‘Constant Current’), ‘Strobe’, and/or external ‘Trigger’. Each output channel can be individually configured to work in one of the three modes, and in all three modes, overdrive current limit can be set:
Normal: Constant current output at any value from 0 mA to the maximum output driving current with 12-bit resolution
Trigger: External trigger signal could be used to turn on each individual channel, generating driving current with any user-defined waveform. Alternatively, each output channel can work under the “Follower” mode, in which the current output follows the waveform of the trigger input
Strobe: Internal strobe generator generates frequencies as high as 25 KHz. The strobe signal (i.e. current levels, duty cycle and strobe frequency) can be set through software. For SLC-AA and SLC-AV series, the strobe signal can be a user-defined arbitrary waveform with 128 pairs of data points [current (mA), duration (µs)] to define the shape of the waveform and consequently the LED’s optical output.

High-precision (FA, FV, XA and XV) types have 0.1mA current resolution, and a maximum current of 100mA in DC mode and 350mA in pulse mode, while 2-channel high-current (HA and HV) types can drive up to 2,000 mA (CW) or 3,500 mA (PWM) output current.

Mightex’s SLC-Series of USB/RS232 and external trigger LED controllers currently include 14 models in total:

  # of Channels Universal High Precision High Current Arbitrary Waveform Forward Voltage Monitoring
SLC-SA02-US 2        
SLC-SV02-US 2      
SLC-AA02-US 2      
SLC-AV02-US 2    
SLC-SA04-US 4        
SLC-SV04-US 4      
SLC-AA04-US 4      
SLC-AV04-US 4    
SLC-FA04-US 4        
SLC-FV04-US 4      
SLC-XA04-US 4      
SLC-XV04-US 4    
SLC-HA02-US 2        
SLC-HV02-US 2      


Key Features:

  • Number of Channels: 2, 4
  • Power Supply: 9 to 24 VDC
  • Per Channel Driving Current: Up to 2 A in DC Mode and up to 3.5 A in Pulse Mode (Depending on Model)
  • Over-current Protection
  • Current Resolution: 0.1 to 1 mA
  • Forward Voltage Monitoring for Some Models
  • Computer-controllable: USB and RS232 Interfaces
  • External Trigger With Programmable Rising or Falling Edge
  • Universal – Suitable for Any LED
  • Capable of Driving Variable Loads
  • User-friendly Application Software With GUI
  • SDK and Rich RS232 Command Set Included for Custom Applications
  • Normal, Strobe and Trigger Mode for Every Channel
  • Programmable Constant Current, Pulse-width Modulation and/or Arbitrary Waveform (Some Models)
  • Up to 23.5 V Output Voltage for Each Channel
  • Built-in Non-volatile Memory, Can be Used Without a PC


Applications: Machine Vision; Displays; Microscopy; Semiconductor Equipment; Testing Instruments; Medical Instruments; Lighting

Product Group: LED Controllers
Manufacturer Series Name: SLC-Series USB/RS232 & External Trigger
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