SC Simplex Adapters

SC Simplex Adapters
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SC/PC, SC/APC; Sleeve Zirconia, Metal; Simplex; Fiber Type SM/MM/PM Optoplast’s series... more
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SC/PC, SC/APC; Sleeve Zirconia, Metal; Simplex; Fiber Type SM/MM/PM

Optoplast’s series of SC simplex adapters are suited for single mode and multi mode applications. Compliant with IEC 60874-14-3 and IEC 61754-4, they connect any single mode, multi mode or polarization maintaining fiber cable terminated with industry-standard SC Simplex Connector Kits and minimize back reflections by bringing the fibers’ cores into physical contact. 

Equipped with standard metal (multi mode), standard zirconia (single mode and multi mode) or low-loss zirconia mating sleeves (single mode), these high-quality manufactured adapters reliably align the cores of each terminated fiber, guaranteeing a very low insertion loss. After 500 connections the insertion loss variation stays below 0.10 dB. 

This series of SC adapters is available in flanged and flangeless versions. Both versions incorporate a metal clip with two tabs that snap into place when inserted into a panel with a maximum thickness of 1.7 mm. In addition to that, flanged adapters with their two threw holes in the flange can be attached to panels or L-brackets using screws. On request, the SC simplex adapters can also be supplied without metal clip. 

The light weight products are easy to handle and allow for fast mounting to panels with rectangular opening in various applications and environments. While the body (external housing) of SC simplex flangeless adapters is made from plastic (PBT 20% FRP), the flanged versions are available with plastic (PBT 2% FRP) or metal (nickel plated zinc alloy) body. All materials allow for an operating temperature from -25 to +70 °C.  

The SC simplex adapters can be produced in six standard colors – beige (RAL 1013), blue (RAL 5015), green (RAL 6018), dark green (RAL 6029), aqua (RAL 6027) and erica violet (RAL 4003) – other colors are available on request. 

Each SC simplex adapter variant is packaged as standard in units of 100 pieces. While metal adapters have no logo on the external housing, plastic adapters can be supplied without logo (standard), with Optoplast logo or, for reasonable quantities, with customer logo. 

Key Features: 

- Adapters/ Mating Sleeves to Align SC/PC or SC/APC Connector Terminated Fiber Cables 

- Low Insertion Loss 

- High Durability 

- Precision Alignment Straight Split Sleeves 

- Compact and Lightweight 

- Easy Panel Installation 

Applications: Local Area Network (LAN); Network Applications, Particularly With Single Mode Fibers 

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