redPOWER® QUBE CW Fiber Lasers

redPOWER® QUBE CW Fiber Lasers SPI Lasers
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1070-1080 nm; Linewidth SPI Lasers’ redPOWER® QUBE series of CW fiber lasers is efficient... more
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1070-1080 nm; Linewidth <10 nm; Max. Output Power 100-10,000 W; Un-polarized; Max. Modulation Frequency 50 kHz; Air-cooled or Water-cooled

SPI Lasers’ redPOWER® QUBE series of CW fiber lasers is efficient and flexible and provides exceptional levels of power and control while cutting, welding, and drilling.

Depending upon customer requirements, redPOWER® QUBE lasers can be supplied with a variety of power outputs from 300 W all the way up to 10 kW. There are four models in the redPOWER® QUBE CW fiber lasers range, designed to have the flexibility to meet all your laser power requirements.

All redPOWER® QUBE CW fiber lasers are designed to be maintenance-free, utilising ‘Fit & Forget’ technology, allowing you to focus on output, rather than time consuming maintenance schedules. Designed for manufacturability and reliability, the redPOWER® QUBE series sets new standards of product quality, backed by comprehensive warranties as standard.

SPI Lasers’ redPOWER® QUBE air-cooled fiber laser range, covering 100 W to 500 W, offers a number of industry leading features in a standard 19“ rack format, with an integrated power supply making it simple to integrate and install into the customer’s new or existing systems where the added complexity of providing water cooling is undesirable.

The redPOWER® QUBE water-cooled fiber laser range, covering 300 W to 2000 W, offers easy integration into the customer’s equipment. These versatile industrial lasers come complete with their own internal control system and offer a number of benefits including output power flexibility and a range of beam delivery, control and interface options.

SPI Lasers’ redPOWER® QUBE Multi-kW water-cooled fiber laser range, covering 3 kW to 10 kW,
provides exceptional levels of continuous, reliable power and control for high-throughput industrial laser manufacturing applications. The complete integrated systems require only an electrical and chilled water supply to deliver kWs of laser power into 50 to 300 μm fiber outputs up to 20 m in length.

In addition to the redPOWER® QUBE series, SPI Lasers also provides a dedicated series of redPOWER® PRISM OEM CW fiber lasers that allows integrators to manufacture equipment for cutting, welding and other material processing applications in the industrial/manufacturing sector while maintaining their own brand throughout. For applications requiring high pulse energies, please refer to SPI Lasers’ redENERGY G4 series of high-energy pulsed fiber lasers, providing maximum pulse energies of up to 5 mJ and peak powers of up to 50 kW.


Model Air-cooled 100-200 W Air-cooled 300-500 W 300-2,000 W Multi-kW 3-10 kW
Operating Modes CW and Modulated
Output Power Range 10%–100% of Specified Power 10%–105% of Specified Power 10%–105% of Specified Power 10%–100% of Specified Power
Long Term Output Power Stability ± 2% Peak
Wavelength 1070 nm 1080 nm 1075-1080 nm 1075 ±2 nm
Linewidth <10 nm
Polarization Un-polarized
Min. Rise/Fall Time <5/<10 μs <5/<6 μs
Max. Modulation Frequency 50 kHz 40, 50 kHz 50 kHz
Fiber Optic Beam Delivery SM Fiber (QCS) 5 ±0.7 mm Collimated Beam Diameter  M² 1.1 ±0.1 M² 1.1 (typ.), 1.3 (max.) -
50 μm Fiber 2.1 mm.mrad BPP
100 μm Fiber Enhanced 3.3mm.mrad BPP
100 μm Fiber 4.5 mm.mrad BPP
300 μm Fiber 13 mm.mrad BPP
Alignment Laser Wavelength 630-680 nm (Class 2)
Power Supply Voltage (Nominal) 200-240 VAC 100-240 VAC 100-240 VAC (300 W Model), 200-240 VAC, 380-480 VAC (2 kW Model) 380-415 VAC, Optional 380-480 VAC
Maximum Current Range 6 A 5-20 A 7-32 A 19-80 A
Cooling Medium Air Air Water Water
Ambient Temperature Range +5 to +40 °C - +5 to +45 °C
Coolant Temperature - - 18-30 °C, 18-25 °C (2 kW Model) -
Coolant Flow Rate - - 5-28 l/min 47-121 l/min
Relative Humidity 5-85%, +35 °C Max. Dew Point 85% Max. @+20 °C, 50% Max. @+40 °C
Height 4U (178 mm) 5U (221 mm) 3U (134 mm) - 5U (221 mm) 982-1693 mm
Width 19” Rack Mount (445 mm) 19” Rack Mount (445 mm) 19” Rack Mount (445 mm) 793 mm
Depth 502 mm 621 mm 681 mm, 823 mm (2 kW Model) 945, 955 mm


Key Features:

  • CW Output Power: 100 W to 10 kW
  • Multi-kW Models are Based on Combined Output From Individual Modules
  • Air- or Water-cooled Laser and Beam Delivery Fiber
  • Single Mode (SM) and Multi Mode (MM) Fiber Delivery Options
  • QCS-compatible Fiber Termination for Single Mode (SM)
  • PIPA-Q Fiber Termination for Multi Mode (MM) With Industry-standard Opto-mechanical Compatibility and Integral Patented Back-reflection Protection
  • Pierce Detection Signal (Multi-kW Models)
  • Integral Rapid Modulation (up to 50 KHz) and Pulse Shaping
  • Lower Energy Bills
  • High Reliability
  • 19” Rack-mount Format With Small Footprint
  • Low Maintenance
  • FiberView™ Software

Applications: Cutting; Welding; Fine Cutting; Flat Sheet Cutting; Additive Manufacturing; Ceramic Scribing; Cladding; Automotive; Electronics; Medical; General Assembly & Fabrication; Industrial; White Goods Manufacturing

Product Group: CW Fiber Lasers
Manufacturer Series Name: redPOWER® QUBE
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