Quanta-Ray® High-pulse-energy Nd:YAG Lasers

Quanta-Ray High-pulse-energy Nd_YAG Lasers MKS Spectra-Physics
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266-1064 nm; Pulse Energy 15-2,500 mJ; Repetition Rate 1-100 Hz; Pulse Width 1-12 ns; Beam... more
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266-1064 nm; Pulse Energy 15-2,500 mJ; Repetition Rate 1-100 Hz; Pulse Width 1-12 ns; Beam Diameter <10, <13 mm; Timing Jitter <0.5 ns

MKS Spectra-Physics’ Quanta-Ray series of high-pulse-energy Nd:YAG lasers incorporate pioneering technologies such as dual-rod oscillators, gold-coated elliptical pump chambers, internal sealed beam paths and high-damage-threshold optics from MKS Spectra-Physics’ advanced coatings lab – all combine to create the best beam quality and highest energies in the industry.

The Quanta-Ray laser’s unique pump chamber strikes the perfect balance between efficiency and beam mode quality by employing elliptical gold-coated reflectors to couple the lamps into the Nd:YAG rod. The gold surfaces provide high reflectivity at pump wavelengths while attenuating UV wavelengths. Proprietary diffusion techniques ensure uniform illumination of the Nd:YAG rod.

Quanta-Ray lasers also feature completely sealed internal beam paths through the use of nitrogen-purged beam tubes. Sealed beam paths greatly extend the longevity of optical coatings by shielding all optical components from harmful contaminants in even the harshest of environments.

MKS Spectra-Physics uses only Sol-Gel coated pockels cells. This coating greatly enhances the lifetime of the cells and improves the performance of the laser system. BBO FHGs give highest energies, best beam quality and highest damage thresholds. These features lead to the best “bumper-to-bumper” one-year warranty on all optics, mechanics and electronics available from a pulsed YAG supplier.

Newly incorporated modern digital signal processing (DSP) electronics in all Quanta-Ray Nd:YAG lasers provide a modern control system for the user. Direct digital interface and graphical user interface (GUI) enables intuitive control of the system and simplified integration with complex systems.

The Quanta-Ray Lab series represent the intermediate range of oscillator-only lasers with output energies up to 1 J at 1064 nm. The Lab laser stands above its competitors because of its dual Nd:YAG rod and dual pump chamber oscillator configuration. This proprietary design provides intra-oscillator compensation for thermally-induced birefringence in the Nd:YAG rod, greatly reducing beam depolarization. This results in higher repetition rates, higher average powers and superior output beam quality.

The Quanta-Ray Pro series represents MKS Spectra-Physics’ highest-pulse-energy Nd:YAG lasers. They incorporate the Lab series single or dual-rod oscillators with two amplifier stages resulting in output energies up to 2.5 J per pulse. The patented intra-oscillator birefringence compensation design in the Lab series is the key to producing the superior beam quality that allows the Pro series to achieve higher repetition rates and higher average powers than any other high-power Nd:YAG laser on the market.

Options for the Quanta-Ray Pro series include BeamLok® for active beam pointing stabilization and D-Lok® for suppressing the problem of increasing divergence with aging flash-lamps resulting in guaranteed longer flash-lamp lifetimes and fewer downstream optical alignments. D-Lok also stabilizes any thermal imbalance in the Nd:YAG gain medium eliminating fluctuations in output beam polarization. Its high polarization purity enables high-efficiency harmonic generation and stable harmonic beam shapes.

The Quanta-Ray INDI series are single-rod oscillator-only Nd:YAG lasers. They offer pulse energies up to 450 mJ at 1064 nm. The INDI is the most compact of the Quanta-Ray lasers and is based upon Quanta-Ray’s unique combination of proprietary resonator design with gold-coated elliptical pump chambers to produce an output beam quality that is superior to other low-energy pulsed lasers available on the market.

Key Features:

  • Repetition Rates: 1 to 100 Hz
  • Pulse Energy: 15 mJ to 2.5 J
  • Gold Elliptical Pump Chambers
  • Sealed Beam Paths
  • High-quality, High-damage-threshold Optics From MKS Spectra-Physics’ Dedicated In-house Coating Lab
  • Wavelength: 266 to 1064 nm
  • Pulse Width: 1 to 12 ns
  • Short-term Energy Stability: ±2% to ±8%
  • Long-term Power Drift: <3% to <10%
  • Beam Diameter: <10, <13 mm
  • Beam Pointing Stability: <±25 to <±100 µrad
  • Beam Divergence (Full Angle): <0.5 mrad
  • Timing Jitter: <0.5 ns
  • Linewidth (Quanta-Ray Lab and Quanta-Ray Pro Series): <1.0 cm-1 (Standard), <0.003 cm-1 (Injection Seeded)
  • Laser Head Cooling Requirements: Water Cooled, Air Cooled (Standard for Quanta-Ray INDI Series)
  • Dimensions: 117.2 x 33 x 30.5 to 735 x 625 x 179 mm

Applications: Amplifier and OPCPA Seeding; THz Spectroscopy and Imaging; Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT); Ultrafast Spectroscopy; Pump-probe Measurements; Materials Processing; Two-photon Polymerization; Thin-film Metrology; Nonlinear Optics; Multiplex CARS; Surface Enhanced HHG

Product Group: High-pulse-energy Nd:YAG Lasers
Manufacturer Series Name: Quanta-Ray®
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