PYQ Series Four-element Pyrodetectors PIR

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Analog or Digital Output; Responsivity 4.5-8 kV/W Typ.; Max. Match 10%, 15%; Max. Noise 75-140... more
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Analog or Digital Output; Responsivity 4.5-8 kV/W Typ.; Max. Match 10%, 15%; Max. Noise 75-140 µVpp; FoV Horizontal 95°-148°; FoV Vertical 87°-124°; ADC Resolution 14, 15 bit; ADC Sensitivity 6.5 µV/Count; Operating Voltage 1.8-10 VDC

Excelitas’ PYQ Series of four-element pyrodetectors provides quad PIR designs in single- and dual-channel outputs, with analog outputs or with the enhanced function and streamlined integration of Excelitas’ DigiPyro product line with digital output.

Pyrodetectors having four sensing elements may be configured in various geometrical forms. The most prominent design today is referenced as “quad”, which is two pairs of elements in a square form layout. With the spacing and polarity of the elements, different variations are available. Most of the applications for such detectors are ceiling-mount sensing devices.

Latest versions of PYQ Series quad pyros include the enhanced functionality as known of the dual-element, low-power DigiPyro PIRs PYD 1588 and PYD 1598 , so offering a dual-channel quad DigiPyro with sleep mode, sensitivity adjust, bandwidth selection and window time.

PYQ 1398, PYQ 1348 Single-Output Quad Pyros
Excelitas' PYQ 1348 and PYQ 1398 single-output quad pyrodetectors provide four sensing elements in a geometric square placement. Electrically, all PIR elements are electrically connected in series to one FET in source follower connection, forming one common analog output signal.

The two versions vary from each other by different window size (rectangular window or square window size) and element spacings. Different geometrical placements are available on request. When being applied with suitable lens or mirror optics, these detectors are used in ceiling mount devices.

The Excelitas PYQ 2498 dual-output quad pyrodetector provides four elements separated into two pairs of two elements in a geometric square placement. Two PIR elements per pair are electrically connected in series to one FET in source follower connection forming one individual analog output signal for each pair. The TO-5 housing includes an optical window in rectangular shape. Geometrically the two pairs have a narrow spacing. For better EMI protection, the detector includes an internal RC circuit.

The PYQ 1548 low-power quad-element DigiPyro pyrodetector configures all four PIR elements combined to one digital output with exceptional energy-efficiency. The user selects and sets individual functions. A single-wire connection with separate input pin allows setting of sensitivity, bandpass selection, pulse count and wake up. This provides full functionality of a complete PIR sensing device when all following circuitry is in sleep mode. PYQ 1548 PIRs are also available with smaller elements of 0.8 mm x 0.8 mm - suitable for compact lenses and short detection distances. 

The PYQ 1748 quad-element DigiPyro pyrodetector provides economical quad configuration with all four elements combined to one common output. This enables ceiling-mount applications when applied with suitable lens optics. TO-5 housing is provided with rectangular window to accommodate wider field-of-view. Standard geometrical element layout offers equal distance and spacing with cross polarity.

PYQ 2898 and PYQ 5848 quad-element DigiPyro pyrodetectors are distinguished by two pairs of PIR sensing elements with digitized signals for each pair. Together with the signal of an internal reference diode, the output via digital link forms a 3x14 bit stream. As to the spacing of the sensing elements, various designs are available. The TO-5 housing is provided with suitable window size to accommodate the field-of-view of the element configuration.

Applications: Ceiling- and Wall-mount Sensing Applications; Long- and Mid-distance Motion Detection (With Lens); Energy Saving Applications (Light Management/Smart Home); Intrusion Alarms; Improved Pet Immunity Solutions (With Proper Lens)

Product Group: Four-element Pyrodetectors PIR
Manufacturer Series Name: PYQ Series
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