PYD/PYQ Low-power DigiPyro Series Dual- & Four-element Pyrodetectors PIR

PYD_PYQ DigiPyro Low-power Dual- & Four-element Pyrodetectors PIR Excelitas
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Digital Output; Operating Voltage 1.8-3.6 VDC; Operating Current 3 µA @1.8 V; Responsivity... more
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Digital Output; Operating Voltage 1.8-3.6 VDC; Operating Current 3 µA @1.8 V; Responsivity 3.7-6.5 kV/W Typ.; Max. Match 10%; Max. Noise 78.140 µVpp; FoV Horizontal 115°-147°; FoV Vertical 107°-130°; ADC Resolution 14, 15 bit; ADC Sensitivity 6.5 µV/Count

Excelitas’ PYD and PYQ DigiPyro Series of dual- and four-element pyrodetectors (PIR), that are well established as the performance standard in motion detection, are now also available as low-power “DigiPyro” variants – featuring internal integrated circuitry to convert the element signals into a 14-bit digital output as well as an extremely low power consumption for battery-operated motion detection.

With a mere 1.8 V power supply voltage and significantly reduced typical supply current of only 3 µA, PYD DigiPyro Series dual-element pyrodetectors are suitable for wall-mounted applications, while PYQ DigiPyro Series four-element PIRs are perfect for mounting at ceilings. The power requirements of the system level can be further reduced with the wake-up/sleep feature of this detector series, which also promotes power efficiency and extends service life. A selectable band-pass function and a pulse count option further compliment the full functionality of these devices.

The PYD 2592 dual-element low-power DigiPyro PIR pyrodetector features two standard elements in parallel connection designed into a compact SMD (surface mount) housing with optical window. This design streamlines integration to the host system with significantly reduced form factor. The sensor includes a fully configurable motion detection unit with an interrupt feature to wake up a sleeping host system. This allows for lowest power consumptions and is therefore ideally suitable for battery operation in compact and mobile applications.

An internal integrated circuitry converts the element signals into a 14 bit digital data output which can be viewed through the digital interface. And an internal diode provides output related to the pyro’s internal temperature. This makes the output signal into a 14 +14 bit signal.

Excelitas’ PYD 1588 and PYD 1598 in TO-5 metal housing for high EMI immunity are real low-power enhanced DigiPyro pyrosensors. Both are fully integrated, dual-element detectors with two different window size options, offering added features and low-current power consumption for extended remote motion detection in battery operated devices.

The latest version of Excelitas’ PYQ Series of four-element pyrodetectors, the PYQ 1548 low-power DigiPyro pyrodetector PIR, includes the enhanced functionality as known of the dual-element versions PYD 1588 and PYD 1598, so offering a quad-element DigiPyro with sleep mode, sensitivity adjust, bandwidth selection and window time. Most of the applications for such detectors are ceiling-mount sensing devices. PYQ 1548 PIRs are also available with smaller elements of 0.8 mm x 0.8 mm - suitable for compact lenses and short detection distances.

The PYQ 1548 four-element DigiPyro pyrodetector configures all four PIR elements combined to one digital output with exceptional energy-efficiency. The user selects and sets individual functions. A single-wire connection with separate input pin allows setting of sensitivity, bandpass selection, pulse count and wake up. This provides full functionality of a complete PIR sensing device when all following circuitry is in sleep mode. 

Part Number PYD 2592 PYD 1588 PYD 1598 PYQ 1548 PYQ 1548 Small
Responsivity, min. 3.0 kV/W 3.3 kV/W 3.3 kV/W 5.4 kV/W 8.4 kV/W
Responsivity, typ. 3.7 kV/W 4.0 kV/W 4.0 kV/W 6.5 kV/W 10.2 kV/W
Match, max. 10 %
Noise, max. 90 µVpp 78 µVpp 78 µVpp 160 µVpp 200 µVpp
Noise, typ. 30 µVpp 20 µVpp 20 µVpp 40 µVpp 60 µVpp
Operating Voltage 1.8 - 3.6 V  
Supply Current, max. 3.5 µA  
Supply Current, typ. 3 µA  
FoV, Horizontal 147° 115° 130° 119° 140°
FoV, Vertical 130° 107° 130° 119° 140°
Filter Size 5.5 / 3.7  mm 4.6 / 3.4 mm 5.2 / 4.2 mm 4.9 / 4.9 mm
ADC Resolution 14 bit 15 bit
ADC Sensitivity 6.5 µV/count
ADC Offset 8,000 bitcount
Download Datasheet Datasheet PYD 2592 Datasheet PYD 158 Datasheet PYD 1598 Datasheet PYQ 15 Datasheet PYQ 1548 Smal


Applications: Ceiling- (Horizontal) and Wall-mount (Vertical) Sensing Applications; Long- and Mid-distance Motion Detection (With Lens); Energy Saving Applications (Light Management/Smart Home); Intrusion Alarms; Improved Pet Immunity Solutions (With Proper Lens); Battery Operation

Product Group: Dual- & Four-element Pyrodetectors PIR
Manufacturer Series Name: PYD/PYQ Low-power DigiPyro Series
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