PVMQ/PCQ HgCdTe (MCT) Infrared Detector Arrays

PVMQ_PCQ HgCdTe (MCT) Infrared Detector Arrays Vigo System
  • SW11683
2-12 µm; Active Area 1 mm²; Responsivity ≥0.002 A/W; Detectivity ≥9.0×10 6 -≥2.0×10 7 cm·Hz... more
Product information "PVMQ/PCQ HgCdTe (MCT) Infrared Detector Arrays"

2-12 µm; Active Area 1 mm²; Responsivity ≥0.002 A/W; Detectivity ≥9.0×106-≥2.0×107 cm·Hz1/2/W; Resistance 30-≤240 Ω; Package TO8

Vigo System’s PVMQ and PCQ series comprise of HgCdTe (MCT) infrared (IR) detectors whose active surface consists of more than two elements. The offer includes quadrant geometry detectors based on photodiodes and photoconductors, ideally suited for defense and security applications as well as XY or differential measurements.

PVMQ and PCQ are 2 µm to 11 μm uncooled, ambient temperature IR detectors, based on sophisticated HgCdTe heterostructures for the best performance and stability. These quadrant detectors consist of four separate active elements arranged in a quadrant geometry and optimized for maximum performance at 10.6 μm. The main application of PVMQ/PCQ detectors is laser beam profiling and positioning.

PVMQ is a photovoltaic multiple junction quadrant IR detector, while PCQ is a photoconductive quadrant IR detector. The PCQ detector should operate in optimum bias voltage and current readout mode, and its performance at low frequencies is reduced due to 1/f noise.

Key Features:

  • Active Element Material: Epitaxial HgCdTe Heterostructure
  • Wide Spectral Range: 2 to 12 μm
  • Optimal Wavelength λopt: 10.6 μm
  • Active Area: up to 4×4 mm2
  • No Bias Required (PVMQ)
  • No 1/f Noise (PVMQ)
  • Long Lifetime and MTBF (PCQ)
  • Stability and Reliability
  • Short Time Constant τ: ≤1.5 ns (PVMQ), ≤5 ns (PCQ)
  • Operation From DC to High Frequency (PVMQ)
  • Sensitive to IR Radiation Polarisation (PVMQ)
  • Uncooled, Room Temperature Operation
  • Detectivity D*: ≥1.9x107, ≥2.0x107 cm·Hz1/2/W (λpeak, 20 kHz), ≥9.0×106, ≥1.0×107 cm·Hz1/2/W (λopt, 20 kHz)
  • Active Area A of Single Element: 1×1 mm²
  • Distance between Elements: 20 µm, 200 µm
  • Current Responsivity Ri(λopt): ≥0.002 A/W (PVMQ)
  • Current Responsivity-Active Area Length Product Ri(λopt)·L: ≥0.001 A·mm/W (PCQ)
  • Resistance R: 30 to ≤240 Ω
  • Acceptance Angle Φ: ~70°
  • Package: TO8
  • Window: None

Applications: Laser Beam Profiling and Positioning; Defense & Security; XY or Differential Measurements; Industrial; Medical; Automotive; Environmental; Laser Power Control and Calibration; Gas Analysis; Mid-IR Spectroscopy; Gas Leak Detection; Air Quality Analysis; Water Quality Control; Engine Emission Monitoring and Control; Fuel Quality Assessment; Analysis of Temperature Distribution; Railway Transport Safety; Plastic Sorting

Product Group: HgCdTe (MCT) Infrared Detector Arrays
Manufacturer Series Name: PVMQ/PCQ
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