QCL500 Laboratory Series 500 mA QCL Driver Instrument

These low noise QCL driver instruments have the lowest current noise density of any commercially available. They enable lower detection thresholds in gas, liquid, and material sensing systems. Powering a QCL with Wavelength's patented driver gives you narrower linewidths, stable center wavelength, and repeatable scans.

This is the right instrument for lasers that require a high-precision and ultra-low noise current source to measure concentrations lower than ever before. The 500 mA QCL driver exhibits noise performance of 0.4 μA RMS to 100 kHz, and an average current noise density of 1 nA / √Hz.

choose the right output current range to minimize noise
The QCL Driver family is available in four different instrument models so that you can choose the ideal one for your application:

  • 500 mA with the QCL500 LAB
  • 1 A with the QCL1000 LAB
  • 1.5 A with the QCL1500 LAB
  • 2 A with the QCL2000 LAB

ultra-narrow QCL linewidth
In order to maintain a characteristically tight center linewidth and minimize jitter, quantum cascade lasers must be powered by drivers with exceptionally low current noise density. Our customers have reported achieving narrower linewidths with our QCL drivers than any other they've used.

highest modulation bandwidth
The high modulation bandwidth and fast rise-time maintains modulation waveform integrity so you can shape the laser output profile exactly as your application requires.

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