Polymer or metal coated single mode fibers

The Single Mode Fibers are used in data transmission applications as well as photonics applications where a single optical path, or mode, is desired. These fibers are available with Acrylate coatings and also high performance Polyimide, Aluminum, and Gold coatings that allow them to exceed the temperature performance levels of standard fibers.


  • Single Mode
  • Germanium Doped Fused Silica Core / Pure Fused Silica Cladding
  • Mode Field Diameter / Cladding Sizes: 4.3/125µm, 9.0/125µm
  • Wavelengths: 4.3/125µm: 633nm – 680nm / 9.0/125µm: 1310nm
  • Numerical Aperture (NA): 0.12
  • Coatings:
    • Acrylate: -40°C to +85°C / -40°F to +185°F
    • Polyimide: -190°C to +350°C / -310°F to +662°F
    • Aluminum: -269°C to +400°C / -452°F to +752°F
    • Gold: -269°C to +700°C / -452°F to +1292°F



Polymer or metal coated single mode fibers datasheet



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