LDMOUNT – 5A laser diode mount with integrated heat sinking

The LDMOUNT is ideal for pump and communication diode lasers. The LDMOUNT from Wavelength Electronics is designed for optoelectronic modules in a 14-pin butterfly package with internal thermistors and thermoelectric coolers (TEC) that require up to 5 A. With integrated heatsinking, simple connections between the drivers and the diode laser, built-in safety features, and easy connection to eight different high performance Wavelength controllers, the LDMOUNT can be used in a variety of applications, mounted on an optics table or to a chassis.

The LDMOUNT is designed for use with laser diodes that have the laser diode anode (LDA) grounded. As such, the laser diode cathode (LDC) is at a negative potential. The LDMOUNT is designed to operate at temperatures below +50 °C. The user can change between the types easily by using the provided pre-configured connection card. Built-in safety features include a reverse bias protection diode across the laser diode, an interlock circuit for the laser diode current, and a TEC Active/Bypass switch to require active temperature control before laser current can be enabled.

features and benefits:

  • Capable of running lasers up to 5 A
  • Compatible with 14-pin butterfly laser diode packages
  • Type 1 & Type 2 butterfly packages are supported with pre-soldered connection card
  • Other laser types supported with customer soldered Custom Butterfly Card
  • Zero insertion force (ZIF) socket holds laser diode
  • Laser interlock safety circuit
  • Mounts to an optics table with standard 1/4-20” screw
  • Compatible with eight Wavelength temperature controllers and laser drivers

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