HyperFine spectrometers: picometer resolution in a compact package

Designed for measuring hyperfine spectra and subtle spectral shifts, the compact HyperFine series of spectrometers are based on LightMachinery's fluid jet polished technology and provide picometer resolution.
With six models available, these spectrometers cover a 400 nm to 1600 nm range. The HyperFine series is ideal for pulsed laser characterization and for measuring the small spectral shifts from Brillouin or Raman scattering. Simple PC based software allows the user to review spectra in real time and save or export for more analysis. LabView drivers are available so the HyperFine spectrometer to be integrated into automated experimental setups.

• Simple to use
• Sub picometer resolution
• Fiber optic input
• Quick data acquisition and export
• Simple USB interface
• LabView Drivers
• No moving parts (single shot laser spectrum analysis)

• Fast
• Compact
• Can resolve hyper fine spectra below 1 picometer
• Ultra-reliable

Download Principles of Operation

Download Datasheet


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