End Cap 2540 – CO2 Laser Endcapping Station

End Cap 2540 is a CO2-laser-based fiber splicer that has been designed to meet the specific needs of splicing thin fibers to various types of larger endcapping material at an economic scale. Its precise temperature controlled CO2 laser heating process provides unsurpassed stable results for standard or AR coated glasses. Its ultra-clean operation produces high mechanical strength of splice connections without the need of frequent maintenance or calibration.

enabling higher laser power

End capped fiber devices are an enabling technology to achieve higher transmitted power on today’s laser instruments. By reducing the power density at the silica interface, endcapping raises the damage threshold when going from glass into air. This process involves a high degree of customization to meet specific criteria, so ownership of this process provides flexibility to meet specific needs in various applications.

real-time control

Leveraging real-time Beckhoff automation technology, End Cap 2540 allows for real-time control of individual process steps and their permanent recording for quality assurance. Its open architecture allows embedding in ERP systems and connection to all common fieldbuses.

key features:

  • Contamination free
  • Precise process temperature
  • Real-time process control
  • Interfaces to common fieldbuses

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