PPCL100/200/300 Tunable Lasers

PPCL100_200_300 Tunable Lasers Pure Photonics
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1527.6-1608.8 nm; Output Power 7-18 dBm; Tuning Range ≤60 nm; Spectral Linewidth 10 kHz... more
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1527.6-1608.8 nm; Output Power 7-18 dBm; Tuning Range ≤60 nm; Spectral Linewidth 10 kHz Typical; Back-Reflection ≤-14 dBm; PER ≥18 dB

Pure Photonics’ PPCL100/200/300 tunable lasers are based on a volume produced integrable tunable laser assembly (ITLA) for the telecom market, ensuring performance, quality and reliability. All PPCL series devices are full-band tunable laser solutions, controlled through a digital interface, providing a very narrow linewidth (~10 kHz), significantly reduced low-frequency AM and FM noise and different operating modes in this low-noise setting.

Unique tuning control technology enables the lasers to access any desired frequency set-point in the tuning range (C-band, L-band or optionally up to 60 nm). With the lasers’ low-loss external cavity, the output power can be set as low as 7 dBm and as high as 18 dBm.

The Pure Photonics PPCL100/200/300 tunable laser solutions make a field proven, high-volume telecommunications laser suitable for the high-demanding applications that are typically addressed by hand-crafted custom solutions. Not only does the technology provide optical performance at-par with the existing solutions, it does so in an extremely small form-factor and a tuning range in excess of 35 nm.

Pure Photonics provides three base versions of the product (PPCL300, PPCL200, PPCL100), which all can be customized in output power performance as well as frequency range. Each version can be further enhanced by their available operating features, such as modulation, fast tuning etc. PPCL series low-noise tunable lasers can be provided as-is, with an evaluation system or integrated into either the PPCL500 (for PPCL100, PPCL200), PPCL550 (for PPCL300) or CoBrite enclosure.

  • PPCL100 is the standard telecom product with a low-noise mode.
  • PPCL200 is an enhanced version with a lower-noise firmware mode and additional, useful modulation and control features in the low-noise mode like Clean Sweep, Clean Scan, Clean Jump or a No-Drift Mode.
  • PPCL300 is Pure Photonics’ low-noise model with electronics modifications to further reduce the kHz to MHz noise, custom inputs and outputs, inputs for AM and FM modulation, an optional Micro-USB interface and access to even more powerful modulation features like Clean Modulation FM/AM or Clean Measurement

Clean Sweep:

  • Continuous Modulation, no Mode-hops
  • Standard Range 50 GHz, Optional up to 250 GHz
  • Speed Controllable Between 1 GHz/s and 40 GHz/s

Clean Scan:

  • Full Band Scan
  • Stitched Together From 100 to 200 GHz Sweeps
  • No Mode-hops in Sweeps, Mode-hops Between Sweeps

Clean Jump:

  • Any-frequency to Any-frequency Jumps
  • Within 1 s in Target Mode (For Specific Frequencies Within 0.1 s in Target Mode)

Clean Modulation FM:

  • External Modulation up to 100 kHz Rate
  • Optical FM Amplitude up to 80 MHz (3 GHz Option Under Development)
  • Input 0 to 2 V

Clean Modulation AM:

  • External Modulation up to 1 MHz Rate
  • AM Amplitude up to 50%
  • Associated Optical FM Modulation up to 500 MHz

No Drift:

  • Stabilized to be Within 1 pm Over 24 h
  • Short-term Stability Better Than 40 MHz

Key Features:

  • Narrow Intrinsic Linewidth: 10 kHz Typical
  • Wide Frequency Tuning Range: Up to 60 nm
  • Full Band Tunable (C- or L-Band)
  • Wavelength Range 1527.6 to 1565.5 (C-Band), 1570.0 to 1608.8 (L-Band)
  • Output Power: Up to 18 dBm (60 mW)
  • Reduced AM/FM Low Frequency Noise
  • Back-Reflection: ≤-14 dBm
  • Polarization Extinction Ratio (PER): ≥18 dB
  • Clean Sweep Feature (Standard for PPCL 100/200)
  • Optional Clean Scan, Clean Jump, No-Drift Mode Features (PPCL 200/300)
  • Optional Clean Modulation FM/AM or Clean Measurement Features (PPCL 300)

Applications: High-SNR (Signal-to-Noise-Ratio) Applications, Such as Sensing or Test and Measurement

Product Group: Tunable Lasers
Manufacturer Series Name: PPCL100/200/300
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