POP-311 Portable Polishers

POP-311 Portable Polishers NTT-AT
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High-speed, Portable Polisher for Field Assembly; Connector/Ferrule Type SC, MU, FC, LC, MT,... more
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High-speed, Portable Polisher for Field Assembly; Connector/Ferrule Type SC, MU, FC, LC, MT, MTRJ, Custom; Radius of Curvature 10 to 25 mm; Apex Offset <50 µm; Return Loss >50 dB

NTT Advanced Technology’s POP-311 series of high-speed portable polishers is suitable for installing optical connectors or extending optical fibers at field work site. Its cylinder jig allows for on-site polishing / re-polishing of MPO connectors and single fiber connectors.

High polishing quality equivalent to that of factory use polishers can be achieved. The POP-311 high-speed portable polishers are able to polish connectors at very high velocity – up to 700 revolutions per minute. The POP-311 series is also suitable for re-polishing of MT connectors. When optical fiber connectors due to be laid are found to be damaged, on the spot repolishing makes them ready to be used. Also, LC-Duplex connectors can be simultaneously polished without dismantling.

With only three to five processes, polishing MPO connectors and single fiber connectors can easily be done on location. For example, the polishing procedure from adhesive removal to advanced PC polish takes about 150 seconds (SC connector/terminal), while advanced PC polish by re-polishing takes only about 50 seconds (SC connector/terminal). Applicable connectors/ferrules are SC, MU, FC, LC, MT and MTRJ type optical connectors and glass ferrules. A broad range of attachments is available for the various different connector types. Since the attachments are the same as for the factory use ATP-3000 polishing machine, they can be used for a wide range applications such as MPO connectors and single fiber connectors (UPC/APC), and polishing of all types of capillaries and fibers. Widely accessible rechargeable nickel hydride battery (AA) or alkaline dry battery (AA) can be used as power supply.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for MT, MTRJ, SC, MU, FC and LC Connectors
  • High Quality- Battery Operated
  • High Speed Polishing

Applications: Optical Connector Polishing (for re-polishing and new polishing processes)

Manufacturer Series Name: POP-311
Product Group: Portable Polishers
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