Plastic Case High-Voltage Capacitors

Plastic Case Capacitors General Atomics
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4.5-2,000 nF; 5-100 kV; ESL 6-90 nH General Atomics provides leading-edge technology,... more
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4.5-2,000 nF; 5-100 kV; ESL 6-90 nH

General Atomics provides leading-edge technology, extensive design expertise, quality manufacturing services, and comprehensive testing to deliver the highest quality plastic case capacitors to meet your requirements.

This series of plastic case capacitors features compact designs and supports a wide range of voltage, capacitance and application-specific requirements for high-voltage, low-inductance, pulsed applications.

If you would like more information or would like to find out more about General Atomics’ design and customization services (including custom high-voltage, very-high-voltage, high-energy-density and MIL-spec capacitors) to meet your specific voltage and capacitance requirements, please contact AMS Technologies.

Series Type Voltage Capacitance & ESL Key Features
PDS/PDSS Fast Pulse Capacitors 100 kV 8 to 300 nF; 6 to 25 nH Double-ended Plastic Case with Output Terminal Rails; Very Low Inductance, Low ESR. Sub-microsecond Pulse Rise Time to 100 kV
PM/PD Pulse-discharge & DC Capacitors 25 to 62 kV 4.5 to 200 nF; 15 to 70 nH Extended Foil; Double-ended Plastic Case Capacitors; Designed for Long Life and Fault Tolerance; Shot life >1x109
S/SS High-voltage 1 pps Capacitors 30 to 100 kV 0.04 to 1.0 µF; 15 to 40 nH Single-ended Plastic Case Capacitors
DE High-voltage Pulse-discharge Capacitors 5 to 50 kV 0.007 to 2.0 µF; 10 to 90 nH Extended Foil, Double-ended Plastic Case Capacitors; Low-loss Dielectric
SE/SSE High-voltage 1000 pps Capacitors 30 to 80 kV 0.04 to 0.15 µF; 15 to 25 nH Extended Foil, Single-ended Plastic Case Capacitors; Very Low Inductance; High Repetition Rate


Applications: High-voltage, Low-inductance, Pulsed Applications; Particle Accelerators; Pulsed High-field Magnets; Excimer Lasers; High-power Microwave Sources; Pulse Shaping or Peaking in Large Pulse-power Systems; Military Research Projects and Fielded Systems

Product Group: Plastic Case High-Voltage Capacitors
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