PBCS-X Polarization Beam Combiners/Splitters

PBCS-X Polarization Beam Combiners_Splitters Gooch & Housego
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Fiber Type Panda PM, SM; 488-2000 nm; Number of Legs 1x2, 2x1; PER ≥17-≥22 dB; IL ≤0.8-≤1.5 dB;... more
Product information "PBCS-X Polarization Beam Combiners/Splitters"

Fiber Type Panda PM, SM; 488-2000 nm; Number of Legs 1x2, 2x1; PER ≥17-≥22 dB; IL ≤0.8-≤1.5 dB; RL ≥50 dB; Dimensions Ø5.5x35, Ø3x25 mm

Gooch & Housego’s PBCS-X series of fiber optic polarization beam combiners/polarization beam splitters (PBC/PBS) offer low optical loss and high reliability and high polarization extinction ratio (PER) across a wide range of wavelengths.

Gooch & Housego (G&H) PBCS-x-x-xx-xx-xxx beam combiners/splitters can be used to combine two polarized light signals to one output fiber or split the orthogonal polarization components of an input signal between two output fibers. Typical configurations include two polarization maintaining (PM) fiber inputs with single mode (SM) or PM fiber for output.

Operating wavelengths include 488, 532, 640, 780, 820, 850, 880, 980, 1064, 1310, 1480, 1550 and 2000 nm. Wavelength bandpass ranges from ±10 to ±40 nm. Connector options include FC and FC/APC.

Key Features:

  • Low Optical Loss
  • Insertion Loss (IL): ≤0.8 to ≤1.5 dB
  • High Reliability
  • Operating Wavelength Range: 488 to 2000 nm
  • High Polarization Extinction Ratio (PER): ≥17, ≥20, ≥22 dB
  • Number of Legs: 1x2 (Splitter), 2x1 (Combiner)
  • Return Loss (RL): ≥50 dB
  • Power Handling: ≤100 to ≤500 mW
  • Fiber Type: Port 1 and 2 PM Panda Fiber, Port 3 PM Panda Fiber or SM Fiber
  • Lead Length: 1, 1.5 m, etc.
  • Dimensions: Ø5.5 x 35, Ø3 x 25 mm

Applications: EDFA; Raman Amplifier; Optical Communications; Optical Fiber Sensors

Product Group: Polarization Beam Combiners/Splitters
Manufacturer Series Name: PBCS-X
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