OVA 5000 Optical Vector Analyzers

OVA 5000 Optical Vector Analyzers Luna
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Single-scan, All-parameter Measurement; 1270-1610 nm; Wavelength Resolution 1.6 pm; Loss... more
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Single-scan, All-parameter Measurement; 1270-1610 nm; Wavelength Resolution 1.6 pm; Loss Measurement Dynamic Range 60, 80 dB; Loss Measurement Resolution ±0.002, ±0.05 dB

Luna’s OVA 5000 Optical Vector Analyzer™ is the fastest, most accurate and economical tool for loss, dispersion and polarization measurements of modern optical networking equipment – and the only instrument on the market that is capable of full and complete all-parameter linear characterization of single-mode optical components in a single scan. The OVA 5000 provides comprehensive component characterization of dispersion compensation modules, AWGs, Fiber Bragg Gratings and many other optical devices.

The OVA 5000 uses an interferometric method to directly measure the linear transfer function (Jones Matrix) and simultaneously measure its four complex elements at every wavelength. From this data, all standard linear parameter measurements can be extracted with the highest dynamic range and accuracy available. The result is an extremely fast, high-resolution and accurate device characterization that is ideal for silicon photonics and other integrated photonics devices.

The OVA 5000 simultaneously performs these optical component characterizations every 3 seconds:

  • Insertion Loss (IL)
  • Return Loss (RL)
  • Dependent Loss (PDL)
  • Phase Response
  • Group Delay (GD)
  • Chromatic Dispersion (CD)
  • Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) / Second Order PMD
  • Min/Max Loss Due to Polarization
  • Impulse Response
  • Jones Matrix Elements
  • Phase Ripple – Linear and Quadratic

With the optical frequency domain reflectometer (OFDR) option, the OVA 5000 optical vector analyzer can also operate as a high-resolution reflectometer , delivering reflectometer measurements with 20 μm sampling resolution, “zero dead zone” and high sensitivity (>95 dB). An optional polarization analysis software add-on allows the OVA 5000 to measure, calculate and display the response of an optical component to simulated input polarization states, eliminating the tedious and difficult task of polarization alignment.

Key Features:

  • Single Measurement, All-parameter Analysis of Devices up to 150 m in Length
  • Full Characterization of Passive Devices in Under 3 s
  • Complete Polarization Response
  • Simultaneously Measure Complete Range of Parameters in One Single Scan: IL, RL, PDL, PMD, Second Order PMD, CD, GD, OTD Response, Jones Matrix Elements, Optical Phase Response
  • High-Resolution C and L Band (OVA 5000) or O Band (OVA 5013) Capability
  • Fast and Averaging Modes
  • Real-time Measurements
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Wavelength Range: 1270 to 1610 nm
  • Wavelength Resolution: 1.6 pm
  • Loss Measurement Dynamic Range: 60, 80 dB
  • Loss Measurement Resolution: ±0.002, ±0.05 dB

Applications: Analyze Planar Light Circuits and Silicon Photonic Devices; Characterize Optical Fiber Components; Measure Both Spectral Response and Time Delay Response; Improve Device Simulations and Models With Complete Transfer Function

Product Group: Optical Vector Analyzers
Manufacturer Series Name: OVA 5000
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