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Other Accessories for Dispensers Musashi Engineering
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The best equipment for each dispensing scenario: In addition to accessories for their... more
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The best equipment for each dispensing scenario: In addition to accessories for their dispenser series, like syringes with related accessories or nozzles and needles, Musashi Engineering offers a wide variety of further items, from accessories that improve operating efficiency to parts that can connect different systems.

By supporting customers at all levels of high-precision dispensing, Musashi Engineering responds to detailed workplace needs and follows up in areas that are not visible from the outside. Together with the supplier, AMS Technologies will always provide the best item, on the cutting edge of high-precision dispensing, to satisfy our customers.

The broad portfolio of other accessories for dispensers comprises needle adapters, fluid feed tube connectors, lock-type and fluid feed tubes as well as air connector tubes, pneumatic quick joints, pneumatic joints, syringe stands, foot switches and many more items.

Key Features:

  • Needle Adapters to Connect Valves and Cartridges to a Needle
  • Fluid Feed Tube Connectors to Connect Fluid Feed Tubes to Containers or Container Parts
  • Lock-type Tube to Connect a Syringe to a Needle/Nozzle for Dispensing at a Distance From the Syringe
  • Fluid Feed Tubes for Transferring Fluid
  • Air Connector Tubes for Supplying Pressurized Air to a Cartridge
  • Air Hose to Carry Pressurized Air From Air Supply to Dispenser
  • Joints to Connect Any Kind of Air Line to Dispensers, Cartridges, Valves or Tanks
  • Pneumatic Compressed Air Quick-joint Fittings to Connect Dispenser Controllers, Cartridges or Tanks to Any Kind of Air Line
  • Regulator/Air Gauge to Control and Indicate the Air Pressure Supplied to a Container
  • Filter/Regulator to Filter the Air That is Supplied to a Dispenser
  • Handy Switch Used to Toggle Dispensing On and Off in Your Palm
  • Foot Switches to Trigger and Stop Dispensing With Your Foot
  • Metal Connectors ot Connect a Dispenser to an External Signal
  • Dispense Handguns for Stable Handy Dispensing Without Pneumatic Source or Power Supply
  • Syringe Stands for Holding the Syringe During or After Operation
  • H-type Stand Set Holds the Cartridge and Valve at the Desired Height
  • Dispenser Pen as an External Input Switch for the Tubing Dispenser
  • PTFE Tubes for Dispensing Fluid From a Rotary Tubing Dispenser

Applications: Fluid Control for Dispensing Devices, Meeting Most Severe Requirements of Precision Dispensing Operations

Product Group: Other Accessories for Dispensers
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