OEM Coils Copper Tube-Fin Heat Exchangers

OEM Coils Copper Tube-Fin Heat Exchangers Lytron-Aavid-Boyd
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Tube Material Copper; Fin Material Aluminium; 370-4,600 W; Liquid Pressure Drop 0.2-0.9 bar;... more
Product information "OEM Coils Copper Tube-Fin Heat Exchangers"

Tube Material Copper; Fin Material Aluminium; 370-4,600 W; Liquid Pressure Drop 0.2-0.9 bar; Air Pressure Drop 29.89- to 34.87 Pa; Fan Plate Included

Aavid-Boyd’s (formerly Lytron’s) OEM Coils series of copper tube-fin heat exchangers offers high performance and reliability. The OEM Coils heat exchanger series has aluminium fins and is unpainted with galvanized steel side plates. This series is best suited for the price-sensitive customer in applications where the appearance of the heat exchanger is not critical, such as when the heat exchanger is hidden inside of the equipment.

The OEM Coils series’ seamless copper tubes are expanded into the fin with an extruded full collar that ensures excellent metal-to-metal contact to optimize thermal performance. Compatible with water, ethylene glycol/water (EGW) solutions and other common coolants, Aavid-Boyd’s OEM Coils series’ thick-walled (0.7 mm) seamless copper tubing and fluxless silver-brazed joints ensure the integrity of the fluid path. Aavid-Boyd’s OEM Coils heat exchangers are pressure tested to 10.3 bar to guarantee reliability.

Key Features:

  • Type: Tube-fin Heat Exchanger Liquid-to-air
  • Tube Material (Fluid Path): Copper
  • Fluid Compatibility: Water, EGW Solutions, Common Coolants
  • Fin Material: Aluminium
  • Fan Plate Included for Improved Performance and Convenience
  • Fitting: SB Straight Fitting
  • Cooling Capacity: 370 to 4,600 W (20 °C Initial Temperature Difference Between Inlet Fluid and Inlet Air Using Standard Fan Operating on 60 Hz Power and Maximum Coolant Flow Rate)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: +200 °C
  • Maximum Pressure: 10.3 bar
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 7.6 to 15.1 l/min
  • Liquid Pressure Drop: 0.2 to 0.9 bar
  • Air Pressure Drop: 29.89 to 34.87 Pa
  • Optional Fan Kit With 1 or 2 Fans
  • Fluid Volume: 115 to 1090 ml
  • Dimensions: 202 x 51 x 160 to 711 x 51 x 356 mm
  • Dry Weight: 0.9 to 7.3 kg

Applications: High-performance Cooling With Water, Ethylene Glycol/Water Mixture (EGW) and Common Coolants

Manufacturer Series Name: OEM Coils
Product Group: Copper Tube-Fin Heat Exchangers
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