Newton 970 & 971 EMCCD Cameras

Newton 970 & 971 EMCCD Cameras Andor Technology
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0.3, 0.6 MP; Pixel Size 16x16 µm; Image Area 25.6x6.4 mm; 16 bit; USB 2.0 The Newton 970... more
Product information "Newton 970 & 971 EMCCD Cameras"

0.3, 0.6 MP; Pixel Size 16x16 µm; Image Area 25.6x6.4 mm; 16 bit; USB 2.0

The Newton 970 and 971 camera series offer unrivalled EMCCD performance for spectroscopic applications. EM technology enables charge from each pixel to be multiplied on the sensor before readout, providing single photon sensitivity.

The Newton EM platform combines a 1600 x 200 (or 1600 x 400) array of 16 µm pixels, thermoelectric cooling down to -100°C for negligible dark current, 3MHz readout and USB 2.0 plug-and-play connectivity to provide unrivalled performance for spectroscopic applications. The dual output amplifiers allow software selection between either a conventional high sensitivity or electron multiplying outputs to suit a broad range of photon regime conditions. This makes the Newton EMCCD cameras the ideal choice for ultrafast chemical mapping applications e.g. SERS, TERS or luminescence mapping.

Key Features:

  • EM Sensor; <1e- Read Noise
  • Multi-Megahertz Readout: High Repetition Rates Achievable With Low Noise Electronics
  • TE Cooling to -100°C for Negligible Dark Current Without The Inconvenience Of LN2
  • UltraVac™
  • 16 x 16 μm Pixel Size Optimized For Achievement Of High Resolution



Active Pixels 0.3, 0.6 MP
Pixel Size 16x16 µm
Image Area 25.6x6.4 mm
Resolution 16 bit
Interface USB 2.0 

 Absorption/Transmittance/Reflection; Atomic Emission Spectroscopy; Fluorescence & Luminescence; Raman Spectroscopy; Photon Counting; Single Molecule Spectroscopy; SERS, TERS or Luminescence Mapping)

Product Group: EMCCD Cameras
Manufacturer Series Name: Newton 970 & 971
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