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Newport designs and manufactures the world’s most comprehensive line of optical mounts and mechanics. This range of precision opto-mechanics helps researchers and companies stay at the leading edge of photonics technology.

Newport offers the widest range of off-the-shelf optical mirror mounts from low-cost, entry-level M1 mounts to the highest-performing, most stable mirror mounts available anywhere:

  • Kinematic Mirror Mounts
  • Motorized Mirror Mounts
  • Gimbal Mirror Mounts
  • Flexure Mirror Mounts
  • Industrial Mirror Mounts
  • Fixed Mirror Mounts
  • Optic Flip Mounts
  • Mirror Mount Adapters

Newport’s optical component mounts mechanically secure optical components without damaging the optic. These mounts are a key component in optical systems by providing the means to position optics with high precision where they are needed:

  • Optical Mirror Mounts
  • Lens Mounts
  • Rotation Mounts
  • Motorized Rotation Mounts
  • Prism Mounts
  • Optical Filter Mounts
  • Cylindrical Device Mounts
  • Diffraction Grating Mounts
  • Optic Flip Mounts
  • Optical Fiber Positioning Mounts

Newport’s optical post assemblies and pedestals are used to precisely control the elevation and location of optical mounts on a breadboard or optical table:

  • 0.31 in. Optical Post Assemblies
  • 0.5 in. Optical Post Assemblies
  • 0.7 in. Optical Pedestal Assemblies
  • 1.0 in. Optical Post Assemblies
  • 1.5 in. Optical Post Assemblies
  • Optical Post Platforms

We offer the full range of Newport’s bases and brackets for locating and securing optical components on an optical breadboard or table:

  • Angle Brackets
  • Bases
  • Base Plate
  • Base Positioners

Newport’s optical breadboards provide a portable platform with a mounting hole grid for building stand-alone optical assemblies or for extending an optical table’s mounting area. While precision grade breadboards are the most advanced in the market and feature patented modal damping technology, solid aluminium breadboards are a cost-effective solution for portable set-ups with low performance requirements:

  • Solid Aluminium Optical Breadboards
  • Honeycomb Optical Breadboards
  • Honeycomb Optical Breadboards with Microlock Mounting
  • Composite Core Optical Breadboards
  • Optical Workstations
  • Optical Breadboard Accessories

Newport’s dove-tail, four-sided or quick-release optical rails make repeatable linear alignment of optical components quick and easy:

  • 19 mm Dovetail Optical Rails
  • 26 mm Steel Four-Sided Optical Rails
  • 48 mm Aluminium Four-Sided Optical Rails
  • 76 mm Quick Release Optical Rails
  • 95 mm Four-Sided Structural Rails
  • 100 mm Dovetail Optical Rails

For optical beam routing, Newport provides lens alignment systems, optics cage and enclosed beam routing solutions as well as periscopes:

  • A-Line Lens Alignment System
  • OpticsCage+ Optical Cage System
  • Aegis Qube Beam Routing System
  • Periscopes

Newport offers a full range of lab supplies enabling experimental and industrial set-ups with Newport’s range of opto-mechanics products:

  • Optomechanics Hardware
  • Tools
  • Optic Lab Supplies
  • Component Sets
  • Beam Blocks
  • Laboratory Educational Kits
  • Laser Safety Glasses
  • Fiber-Optic Lab Supplies
  • UV Lab Safety Products

Newport is continuously developing materials, modifying processes and supplying custom component solutions for customer-specific applications. AMS Technologies’ and Newport’s experienced engineering teams can work with you to design what you require. We can use our prototype testing to quickly ensure that the designed part works in your application and environment – and when the design is confirmed to satisfy your requirements, you can be confident in leveraging our ability to ramp production. Get in touch with the AMS Technologies opto-mechanics experts to discuss your customized high-precision motion solution tailored to your application’s requirements.

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