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Newport provides highest-quality optics and optical components covering UV, VIS, NIR and IR... more
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Newport provides highest-quality optics and optical components covering UV, VIS, NIR and IR wavelengths. Whether you are setting up a laser experiment or integrating a commercial photonics product, we carry Newport’s competitively priced high-performance optics to suit your needs.

Newport also supplies custom optics solutions for customer-specific applications. AMS Technologies’ and Newport’s experienced engineering teams can work with you to design and manufacture what you require. Get in touch with the AMS Technologies optics experts to discuss your customized high-precision optics solution tailored to your application’s requirements.

Newport’s precision optical lenses are made from materials such as BK7, Fused Silica, IR grade Calcium Fluoride, and Zinc Selenide. Newport offers spherical, aspheric, cylindrical, achromatic, objective, and meniscus optic lenses for applications like fiber-optic coupling:

  • Plano-Convex Lenses
  • Plano-Concave Lenses
  • Bi-Convex Lenses
  • Bi-Concave Lenses
  • Achromatic Lenses
  • Aspheric Lenses
  • Cylindrical Lenses
  • Objective Lenses
  • Micro Lenses
  • Meniscus Lenses

An extensive variety of optical mirrors is available from Newport to provide an ideal solution for almost any application. Broadband dielectric mirrors offer near total reflection over a wide spectral range and are very durable. Broadband metallic mirrors provide a good combination of performance and value over a very broad spectral range and are relatively insensitive to angle of incidence and polarization. Laser line mirrors are highly efficient reflectors optimized for a specific, narrow wavelength range and are more suitable for higher energy levels. Specialty mirrors are also available, including a comprehensive selection of ultrafast mirrors for ps and fs lasers, mirrors with the highest absolute reflectivity, concave mirrors, and non-standard shapes:

  • Broadband Dielectric Mirrors
  • Broadband Metallic Mirrors
  • Laser Line Mirrors
  • Ultrafast Mirrors
  • Retroreflectors
  • Parabolic Mirrors
  • Concave Mirrors
  • Elliptical Mirrors
  • Square Mirrors
  • D-Shaped Mirrors

From high-performance fluorescence filters for DNA analyzers to notch filters for laser safety eyewear – Newport’s optical filters provide the full spectrum of solutions for managing light. Newport’s Stabilife® optical filters and coatings are manufactured using a patented process for the deposition of metal oxide thin film optical coatings using sputtered Hybrid Plasma Deposition (HPD). This process yields highly dense, thin film coatings with extraordinary hardness, abrasion resistance, and adhesion to the substrate:

  • Bandpass Filters
  • Longpass Filters
  • Shortpass Filters
  • Neutral Density Filters
  • Color and Absorptive Optical Filters
  • Dichroic Filters
  • Fluorescence Optical Filters
  • Diffusers
  • Optical Filter Sets

Newport provides a wide variety of beamsplitters in various shapes. Newport’s circular beamsplitters, plate beamsplitters and cube beamsplitters can be purchased from AMS Technologies for polarizing or non-polarizing beamsplitting applications. Newport offers both broadband and laser line cube beamsplitters. These beamsplitters are made from high grade glass materials with laser grade surface flatness and surface quality and have a tighter tolerance on the splitting ratio. High damage threshold coating and quality substrate material allow them to withhold high laser pulse energy:

  • Cube Beamsplitters
  • Plate Beamsplitters
  • Dichroic Beamsplitters
  • Laser Beam Attenuators

A wide variety of polarization optics is available from Newport, from waveplates and linear polarizers to polarizing cube beamsplitters over UV, visible and IR spectral ranges. Half- and quarter-wave plates are available in zero-order, multiple-order and achromatic versions. Linear polarizers include laminated polymer film, laminated sheet, Polarcor dichroic glass, and Calcite crystal types. Thin film polarizers are offered for high energy Nd:YAG applications and for ultrashort pulse uses with ultrafast lasers:

  • Linear Polarizers
  • Calcite Crystalline Linear Polarizers
  • Polarizing Cube Beamsplitters
  • Fiber-Optic Polarization Components
  • Zero-Order Waveplates
  • Quartz Multiple-Order Waveplates
  • Achromatic Waveplates
  • Berek’s Variable Waveplates

Newport’s diffraction gratings consist of an optical material substrate, with a large number of parallel grooves ruled or replicated in its surface and overcoated with a reflecting material such as Aluminium. Newport’s diffraction gratings are used to spatially separate light of different wavelengths in spectroscopic, telecommunications or laser applications:

  • Diffraction Gratings
  • Replacement Diffraction Gratings for Spectroscopy Instruments
  • Diffraction Grating Mounts
  • Custom Diffraction Gratings

Newport’s advanced optical systems combine multiple optics, mechanics, and/or electronics into an easy-to-use solution. Optical isolators, modulators, expanders, shapers, filters, attenuators, and collimators are available:

  • Laser Beam Expanders
  • Laser Collimators
  • Faraday Optical Isolators
  • Spatial Filters
  • Laser Beam Attenuators
  • Laser Beam Attenuation Kits
  • Laser Beam Steering System
  • Nonlinear Imaging Kits
  • Ultrafast Laser Pulse Characterization Kits
  • Prism Compressor for Ultrashort Laser Pulses
  • Transparent Optical Material Characterization Kits
  • Electronic Autocollimators

A wide variety of optical windows and interferometer flats is part of Newport’s product portfolio, using optically flat, transparent optical material that allow light into an instrument and suitable for common applications or very demanding interferometer measurements:

  • Parallel Windows
  • Wedged Windows
  • Interferometer Flats
  • Brewster Windows
  • Shear Plate Collimation Tester

Newport provides a broad range of optical prisms, from right angle prisms, brewster angle prisms, and triangular prisms to penta prisms, made from the highest grade N-BK7 and fused silica substrates:

  • Right Angle Prisms
  • Brewster Angle Prisms
  • Solid Glass Retroreflectors
  • Penta Prisms
  • Homogenizers

Newport offers a full range of optic lab supplies to take care of your valuable optics, including products and supplies for cleaning, inspecting, and storing precision optics in the lab:

  • Optic Cleaning Supplies
  • Optic Tools
  • Optic Storage Supplies
  • Imaging Accessories

Our optics sets offer a selection of Newport optics at a reduced price and include the storage case. Sets with optical filters or optical lenses are available as well as broader OptiSet™ optics sets with a collection of mirrors, lenses, filters, beamsplitters and objectives in an efficiently organized hardwood case – letting you spend more time on your experiment and less time locating the optical components you need:

  • Optical Lens Sets
  • Optical Filter Sets
  • OptiSet™ Optics Sets
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