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Newport has developed an extensive range of manual positioning and motion control standard and... more
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Newport has developed an extensive range of manual positioning and motion control standard and custom products for applications ranging from industrial to nanopositioning.

Newport’s wide variety of manual and motorized linear translation stages meets most linear positioning requirements:

  • Manual Linear Stages
  • Manual Vertical Positioners
  • Motorized Linear Stages
  • Motorized Vertical Stages
  • Nanopositioning Piezo Motor Linear Stages
  • Industrial Motion Control

Applications of Newport rotation and tilt stages include semiconductor wafer inspection or scribing, metrology, micro-robotics, sensor testing, disk texturing, optics positioning like polarizers, and waveplates:

  • Manual Rotation Stages
  • Optic Rotation Mounts
  • Manual Goniometric Stages
  • Tilt Platforms
  • Motorized Rotation Stages
  • Motorized Rotation Mounts
  • Motorized Goniometers
  • Motorized Gimbals

We offer the full range of Newport multi-axis alignment stages and fiber positioners to meet various optical fiber and fiber optic component coupling and alignment requirements. Manual fiber alignment stage types include ULTRALIGN™ precision fiber optic stages, flexure stages, fiber optic couplers for both SM and MM fibers, fiber coupling with GRIN rod or ball lenses, and fiber optic positioners. We also offer Newport motorized fiber alignment solutions:

  • Fiber Alignment Stages
  • Fiber Coupling Fixtures
  • Optical Fiber Positioning Mounts
  • Hexapods
  • Optical Device Alignment Stages
  • Motorized Fiber Alignment Solutions

Our range of Newport actuators and adjusters includes manual adjustment screws and micrometers for simple positioning and Piezo, DC and stepper actuators for automation. For vacuum applications we offer vacuum-compatible actuators:

  • Adjustment Screws
  • Micrometer Heads
  • Motorized Actuators
  • Piezo Linear Actuators
  • Piezo Stack Actuators
  • Piezo Rotary Actuators

Newport’s hexapods for complex motion applications that require high load capacity and accuracy in up to six independent axes are driven by six industry-proven, high-performance actuators. Twelve innovative joints connecting the actuators to both the base plate and the moving top plate provide significantly higher rigidity than ordinary universal joints:

  • High Precision Hexapods
  • High Accuracy Hexapods
  • High Load Hexapods
  • Vacuum Compatible Hexapods
  • Hexapod Motion Controllers

Featuring ESP technology, Newport’s high-performance motion controller solutions and systems automatically recognize and configure attached Newport motion products and systems for immediate operation, making application integration powerful, efficient, and easy:

  • XPS Series Motion Controllers
  • ESP Series 3-Axis Motion Controller
  • SMC100 1-Axis Motion Controller
  • Piezo Nanopositioner Controllers
  • Hexapod Motion Controllers
  • Industrial Laser Machining Software
  • Conex Controller and Stage Kits

Newport’s industrial motion control products are designed to be complete motion solutions for industrial applications, ranging from high-precision stages and motion controllers to complete motion systems.

On demand, Newport's motion team also develops high-precision custom/OEM motion solutions for research, industrial and aerospace customers and providing solutions from system design through manufacture to on-site installation. Get in touch with the AMS Technologies motion experts to discuss your customized high-precision motion solution tailored to your application’s requirements.

Newport has expanded its standard product offerings with vacuum compatible motorized positioners for use in vacuum 10-6 hPa (7.5*10-7 Torr) and ultra-high vacuum (UHV) 1.3*10-8 hPa (10-9 Torr). These vacuum compatible stagesactuators and optical mounts have received special surface treatment, vacuum compatible lubrication, and have been tested to guaranteed specifications:

  • Vacuum & UHV Compatible Motorized Actuators
  • Vacuum Compatible Motorized Linear Stages
  • Vacuum Compatible Motorized Rotation Stages
  • Vacuum Compatible Motorized Mirror Mounts
  • Vacuum Hexapods
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