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Light sources  are the starting point for photonics experiments and applications. Newport... more
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Light sources are the starting point for photonics experiments and applications. Newport offers a wide variety of incoherent light sources to meet the needs and requirements of most photonic applications. If you need to simulate the sun by matching the solar spectra, or need the specific spectra provided by arc lamps, quartz Tungsten halogen lamps, or blackbody light sources, Newport’s brand Oriel has the light source that you need.

For Newport’s portfolio of lasers and laser diode control, please refer to our series of Newport lasers or Newport laser diode control products.

Depending on your application requirements, Newport can provide a variety of solar simulators to fit your needs. While Sol series simulators offer standards compliance to the most current standards from the ASTM, IEC, and JIS, the COLIPA standard's compliant Sol-UV solar simulators are the right choice if your application is in the ultraviolet (UV):

  • LED Solar Simulators
  • Arc Lamp Solar Simulators
  • Solar Simulator Accessories

Newport’s arc lamp light sources have high ultraviolet and visible output with some prominent lines in the near infrared, which make them useful for many spectroscopy applications. The small, bright arcs have significant advantages for collimation and intense irradiation:

  • Xenon (Xe) UV-IR Light Sources
  • Mercury (Hg) UV-VIS Light Sources
  • Hg-Xe UV-Enhanced, UV-IR Light Sources
  • Deuterium UV Light Sources

QTH light sources (Quartz Tungsten Halogen) feature high visible and near infrared output with little ultraviolet, making them great for use in incandescent light sources. The stability, filament structure and high color temperature make Newport’s lamps the best for many measurement and illumination applications:

  • Low Power Q Series QTH Light Sources
  • Medium Power Research QTH Light Sources
  • High Power Research QTH Light Sources
  • Open Air Mounted QTH Light Sources
  • QTH Lamps
  • QTH Lamp Socket Adapters
  • QPS-Q QTH Lamp Power Supplies

Integrating the redesigned Cornerstone 130B monochromator, Newport’s TLS130B Series tunable light sources provide upgraded performance from the standard TLS(130) models while maintaining the same integrated system platform. The wide tuning range makes the TLS ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Newport’s 1,000 W UV flood exposure light sources cover the near UV (350 to 450 nm), mid UV (260 to 320 nm) and deep UV (220 to 260 nm). NUV is designed to expose most photoresists, MUV is used for polymer cross-linking and novel resists, and DUV for deep ultraviolet studies. These models have illumination areas of 6" x 6".

From complete infrared light sources like IR illuminators and blackbody light sources to modular components that let you build your own infrared source, Newport’s brand Oriel has the solutions to your IR illumination requirements:

  • Infrared Light Sources
  • Infrared Elements
  • IR Emitter Socket Adapters

Newport’s fiber optic illuminators are broadband incoherent light sources with focused outputs matched to Newport’s 1/8 and 1/4 m monochromators. Newport uses a simple compact size design to ensure an economical price without compromising performance, stability and safety.

Spectral calibration light sources produce narrow, intense lines of ultraviolet (UV) to infrared (IR) wavelengths due to the excitation of various rare gases and metal vapors. Newport’s calibration lamps are useful for wavelength calibration of spectroscopic instruments such as monochromators, spectrographs and spectral radiometers.

Newport’s range of light source accessories are used to control a light source, route the light from a source to another instrument in free space or fiber bundles, and provide for safe operation:

  • Light Routing Shields
  • Apertures
  • Flange Mounted Light Source Accessories
  • Optical Choppers
  • Light Source Intensity Controllers
  • UV Lab Safety Products
  • Light Source Shutters

Newports portfolio of light source components can be used to build a complete incoherent light source:

  • Light Source Lamp Housings
  • Lamp Power Supplies
  • Light Source Lamps and Elements
  • Light Source Lamp Socket Adapters
  • Light Source and Detector Cables
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