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Providing light analysis solutions for over 25 years, Newport offers industry leading tools... more
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Providing light analysis solutions for over 25 years, Newport offers industry leading tools for measuring the power or energy of an optical beam, profiling a laser, locating the position of a beam, analyzing the spectrum, or characterizing a laser pulse.

Newport’s optical meters are benchtop or handheld instruments used to measure properties of light like power, energy, or wavelength:

  • Benchtop Power & Energy Meters
  • Handheld Power & Energy Meters
  • Optical Power Meter & Sensor Kits
  • Virtual Power & Energy Meters
  • Optical Wavelength and Power Meters
  • Radiometers

From single photon detection to measuring high power laser flux, Newport offers highly capable, calibrated and uncalibrated optical sensors or detectors, converting incident light into an electrical signal for measurement and analysis:

  • Calibrated Photodiode Power Sensors
  • Modular Integrating Sphere Sensors
  • Thermopile Power Sensors
  • Pyroelectric Energy Sensor
  • Wavelength Sensors
  • Low Light Sensors
  • High Dynamic Range Power Sensors

We know that high-speed photodetection is critical to extracting and preserving your experimental results. Newport’s range of optical receivers strives to make photodetection simple while delivering the lowest noise and cleanest response possible:

  • Fiber-Optic Receivers
  • Free Space Optical Receivers
  • Balanced Optical Receivers
  • High Speed Fiber-Optic Detectors
  • High Speed Free Space Optical Detectors
  • Optical Receiver Accessories

From simple lab-grade manual monochromators to fully featured, fully automated imaging spectrographs with multiple gratings, Newport provides a complete line of spectroscopy instruments including products for spectroscopy applications, but also the accessories to complete your application like light sources, diffraction gratings, fiber optics, lenses, order sorting filters and data acquisition software:

  • Monochromators
  • Miniature Spectrometer Engines
  • Replacement Diffraction Gratings for Spectroscopy Instruments
  • Spectroscopy Accessories
  • Light Source Accessories
  • Spectroscopy Services

Newport offers a broad range of laser beam characterization solutions, including laser beam analysis products for profiling laser beams, characterizing their pulses, and detecting their position:

  • Laser Beam Profilers
  • Beam Position Detectors
  • Autocorrelators
  • Ultrafast Laser Pulse Characterization Kits

For Newport’s laser diode control solutions, please refer to our series of Newport laser diode control products.

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