neoYB 1030 nm Laser Amplifier

  • SW11988
Wavelength 1030 nm; Output Power 5 to 100 W; Mode of Operation cw- to fs-pulses; Pulse Energy... more
Product information "neoYB 1030 nm Laser Amplifier"

Wavelength 1030 nm; Output Power 5 to 100 W; Mode of Operation cw- to fs-pulses; Pulse Energy up to 1 mJ; Beam Quality TEM0,0 / M² <1.3

The neoYB from neoLASE is a solid-state laser amplifier module designed to increase pulse energy or average output power across various applications. It is a standalone unit, containing both amplifier and pump diode, built on the reliable neoLASE technology for durability and longevity. Its compact design and easy integration make it a cost-effective option for upgrading laser machinery, scientific lasers, or low-power oscillators, particularly beneficial for enhancing femtosecond laser systems.

The industrial amplifier modules by neoLase enable CPA-free amplification for bandwidth-limited pulses, all within a compact footprint. This facilitates the creation of high-peak-power short-pulse pico- or femtosecond lasers, suitable for micromachining tasks, without the need for complex compressor setups. Additionally, the high-gain pre-amplifier module allows direct amplification of mode-locked oscillators or gain-switched diodes. Furthermore, the main amplifier modules deliver over 50 W of output power, making them ideal for boosting power or energy levels.

Key features:

  • Wavelength 1030 nm
  • Output power 5 to 100 W
  • Mode of operation cw- to fs-pulses
  • Pulse energy up to 1 mJ
  • Beam quality TEM0,0 / M² <1.3
  • Easy and compact energy or power boosting
  • Highly flexible and scalable amplifier units
  • Proven long-term stability and industrial reliability

Applications: Laser machinery, scientific lasers, low-power oscillators, femtosecond laser systems

Product Group: Amplifier Module
Manufacturer Series Name: neoYB
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