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NEOCLEAN Fiber Optical Connector Cleaners NTT-AT
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Cleaning Tools for Connectors, Plugs & Adapters; Pen, Simple or Stick Types; Connector Types... more
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Cleaning Tools for Connectors, Plugs & Adapters; Pen, Simple or Stick Types; Connector Types MU, LC, SC, SC2, FC, FAS, FA, ST, E2000, PC/APC, ODC, MPO, MPT, ATC, Ø1.25 mm, Ø2.5mm; No Alcohol or Solvents

NTT-AT’s NEOCLEAN series of fiber optical connector cleaners are tools that combine compactness with the workability of one-push cleaning. NEOCLEAN tools remove dirt you can’t even see, without scratching the connector’s end face.

Designed to work with dedicated microfiber tissue, the NEOCLEAN series of fiber optical connector cleaners allows all operators to consistently achieve high quality cleaning without alcohol or other solvents.With NEOCLEAN-E, NEOCLEAN-EZ and NEOCLEAN-M/M2, the NEOCLEAN line of pen type fiber optical connector cleaners provides a line-up of nine different high performance hybrid type cleaners that provide cleaning for a broad range of both optical connector plugs and adaptors in one unit.

The NEOCLEAN-E simple one push action cleans the ferrule end face in device adapters. Its cleaning cartridge is replaceable, with each cartridge performing about 750 cleanings, greatly reducing cleaning costs. Using the attached cap you can also the clean ferrule end face in plugs. The NEOCLEAN-EZ line features an especially compact body, designed for cleaning in the narrow spaces of optical connector ports with a one push action. Simply remove the front tip cap to clean optical plugs. Fixing the attachment to the rear end allows you to also clean deeply recessed optical ports.

NEOCLEAN-EZv is developed exclusively for easy cleaning of 2 mm broadcasting and video optical connectors, while NEOCLEAN-EZ3 can clean 2.5 mm optical connector ports and plugs as well as 2 mm video connectors. NEOCLEAN-EZ1Plus can clean 1.25 mm optical connector ports, ODC plugs and ODC sockets.

The NEOCLEAN-M series of pen type cleaners allows you to instantly clean MPO/MTP connectors. NEOCLEAN-M for 12-core systems and NEOCLEAN-M2 for 16-core systems respond to the need for end face cleaning.

NTT-AT’s NEOCLEAN-R2 line of simple type fiber optical connector cleaners uses cleaning tape that does not produce dust and provides special cleaning strength while resisting foreign particles to mix into the tape. A simplified tape advance mechanism resulted in cost reductions for both manufacturing and assembly. The main body is also made from anti-static material.Also made with antistatic materials, the NEOCLEAN-S line of stick type fiber optical connector cleaners controls the generation of static electricity during the cleaning process. And just as with the reel type, the cloth in the cleaning part is made from special cleaning fiber. Featuring 1.25 mm or 2.5 mm ends, NEOCLEAN-S is a very useful tool for cleaning connector end faces inserted into adaptors and housings.

Key Features:

  • Compact Design- Easy to Use and Efficient
  • No Alcohol or Solvents
  • Pen, Simple and Stick Types Available
  • Cost Effective Replaceable Cartridge (NEOCLEAN-E)
  • Excellent Anti-static Properties

Applications: Cleaning of Single Core and Multi Core Fiber Optical Connectors, Plugs & Adapters; Cleaning of Fiber Optical Connectors for Video Equipment

Manufacturer Series Name: Neoclean
Product Group: Optical Connector Cleaners
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