Neo 5.5 sCMOS Cameras

Neo 5.5 sCMOS Cameras Andor Technology
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5.5 MP; Pixel Size 6.5x6.5 µm; Sensor Size 16.6x14.0 mm; 30 fps sustained or up to 100 fps... more
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5.5 MP; Pixel Size 6.5x6.5 µm; Sensor Size 16.6x14.0 mm; 30 fps sustained or up to 100 fps Burst Frame; 12, 16 bit; USB 2.0; Read Noise 1 e-; 0.007 e-/pix/s darkcurrent; Global (snapshot) and Rolling Shutter; Vacuum Cooled to -40°C;

In a -40 °C vacuum cooled platform, with 1 e- read noise, very low dark current, Rolling and Global Shutter, and loaded with FPGA intelligence, Andor's Neo sCMOS cameras are designed to drive lowest possible dark noise from this popular sCMOS sensor.

The Neo 5.5 cameras are based around a large 5.5 megapixel sensor with 6.5 µm pixels and a 22 mm diameter, ideal for applications such as cell microscopy, astronomy, digital pathology and high content screening. The Neo 5.5 can deliver 30 fps sustained or up to 100 fps burst to internal 4 GB memory. Extremely low dark current means that Neo 5.5 is suited to a range of exposure conditions, thus also ideal for staring astronomy.

The Rolling and Global shutter flexibility further enhances the application flexibility. The Global shutter offers an ideal means to simply and efficiently synchronize the Neo sCMOS camera with other ‘moving’ devices such as stages or light switching sources, eliminating the possibility of spatial distortion when imaging fast moving objects. Fast electronic shuttering is also ideal for PIV flow mechanics.

The Andor GPU Express library has been created to simplify and optimize data transfers from camera to a CUDA-enabled NVidia Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) card to facilitate accelerated GPU processing as part of the acquisition pipeline.

Key Features:

  • 1 e- Read Noise for Lower Detection Limit Than Any CCD
  • Vacuum Cooled to -40 °C
  • 0.007 e-/pix/s Dark Current
  • Minimization of Dark Current to maintain Low Noise Advantage Under All Exposure Conditions
  • Minimal Hot Pixels
  • Rolling and Global (Snapshot) Shutter: Maximum Exposure and Readout Flexibility
  • Snapshot for 'Interline CCD Mode' Freeze Frame Capture of Fast Moving/Changing Events.


Active Pixels 5.5 MP
Pixel Size 6.5x6.5 μm
Sensor Size 16.6x14.0 mm
Frame Rate 30 fps sustained or up to 100 fps Burst Frame
Resolution 12, 16 bit
Interface USB 2.0


Applications: Cell Microscopy; Astronomy; Digital Pathology; High Content Screening

Product Group: sCMOS Cameras
Manufacturer Series Name: Neo 5.5
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