MPM20 Power Film Resistors

MPM20 Power Film Resistors Caddock Electronics
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0.020 Ω to 10.0 kΩ; ±1%; 20 W; TO-220 Style; Power Film Caddock Electronics’ MPM20 series... more
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0.020 Ω to 10.0 kΩ; ±1%; 20 W; TO-220 Style; Power Film

Caddock Electronics’ MPM20 series of power film resistors in a TO-220 style power package introduce a ”pure tin free” design for high-performance applications. Caddock Electronics’ proven Micronox® resistance film system is utilized in the widely accepted TO-220 Power Package to provide a compact 20 W heat sink mountable resistor.  
The non-inductive design makes this resistor series ideal in high frequency communications, power switching circuits and snubbers. Within the MPM20 series, 52 different power film resistors are available with standard resistance values ranging from 0.20 Ω to 10.0 kΩ.
The MPM20 series power film resistors are constructed with Caddock Electronics’ Micronox® resistance film fired onto a flat ceramic substrate which is thermally bonded to the copper heat sink tab. The resistor body is then molded to finish the TO-220 style package. The lead wire attachment and resistance element geometry are configured to provide outstanding non-inductive performance.
Use your thermal design experience with power semiconductors in TO-220 style power packages. This experience will help you get the most out of this unique family of power resistors. The thermal design issues are the same where power handling capability is based on the case temperature which is maintained in your design.
At +25 °C case temperature, the MPM20 series allow up to 20 W, derated to zero at +175 °C. Standard tolerance is ±1% , ±0.5% tolerance is available for most resistance values on request.
Key Features:

  • TO-220 Style Power Package
  • Single Screw Mounting Simplifies Resistor Attachment to the Heat Sink
  • Low Profile Provides an Easier Fit in Tight Places
  • Molded Case for Environmental Protection
  • 20 W at +25 °C Case Temperature, Derated to Zero at +175 °C
  • Copper Heat Sink Integral in the Molded Package
  • Resistor Element is Electrically Isolated From the Metal Heat Sink Tab  
  • Non-Inductive Design  
  • Temperature Coefficient Starting at -20 to +50 ppm/°C (5.00 Ω and Above) and up to 0 to +300 ppm/°C (0.049 Ω and Below)
  • Operating Temperature -55 to +175 °C
Manufacturer Series Name: MPM20
Product Group: Power Film Resistors
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