mPCX-C1 MAP Benchtop Fiber Polarization Controllers

mPCX-C1 MAP Benchtop Fiber Polarization Controllers Viavi Solutions
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Scrambling Modes Random, Rayleigh, Ring, Discrete; 1520 to 1620 nm; Max. Input Power 20 dBm;... more
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Scrambling Modes Random, Rayleigh, Ring, Discrete; 1520 to 1620 nm; Max. Input Power 20 dBm; Insertion Loss <3 dB; Return Loss >40 dB

Viavi Solutions’ mPCX-C1 MAP series of Multiple Application Platform (MAP) polarization scrambler controllers provides polarization scrambling, control and stabilization for use in applications such as temporal depolarization, 100G+ coherent interface testing as well as stabilization and tracking of target SOP conditions.

mPCX-C1 MAP is a single-slot, high-speed polarization scrambler, controller and stabilizer. Based on Lithium-Niobate, the electro-optic waveplates have the response time required by the most demanding polarization management applications. With the rise of coherent modulation formats and polarization multiplex systems, there is a new premium on understanding the way the polarization state of these signals interacts with single mode fiber. The MPCX-C1 MAP is designed to enable these tests, not only in the laboratory, but also in the transition of these tests into a manufacturing environment.

At its core, the mPCX-C1 MAP series cascades eight quarter wave-plates; each calibrated over the C+L band. These wave-plates can be rotated at high speed and are reset-free (endlessly rotatable) to control the state of polarization (SOP). Simple, predefined, rate-programmable, and polarization scrambling modes are provided which can achieve rates up to 3 Mrad/s. Alternatively, user-defined tables can be uploaded for custom scrambling patterns. With the proprietary SOP feedback option, two features are unlocked. The first enables an identified state to hold while the mPCX-C1 counteracts normal environmental drift and the second simplifies the automatic generation of unique diagnostic scrambling modes.

As part of the MAP-300 family (also compatible with MAP-200), the mPCX-C1 MAP module series is an Ethernet or GPIB modular instrument that can be directly managed from your PC-based automation system. A member of the LightDirect Family of MAP-300 modules, the mPCX-C1 MAP can be deployed in the compact MAP-220C 2-slot chassis, the MAP-330 3-slot chassis or the larger MAP-380 8-slot chassis systems. Alongside the many other modules, such as amplifiers, precision attenuators, power meters and spectrum analyzers, MAP-300 is the ideal modular photonics test platform for 100G+ test applications.

Key Features:

  • High-speed Polarization Scrambler
  • Rate Programmable rom 1.00 rad/s to 3.00 Mrad/s
  • Operation in C+L Band With Less Than 3 dB of Insertion Loss
  • Uniform Scrambling by Design, Independent of Input State of Polarization
  • Six Advanced Scrambling Modes Including Rayleigh, Random and Ring
  • Polarization Stabilization and Return-to-state Capability with Proprietary SOP Feedback Option
  • Manual Polarization Control via Classic Waveplates

Applications: Photonic Communication Test Automation; 100G+ Coherent Interface Testing; Temporal Depolarizer for Loss, Gain and PDL Min/Max Measurements; Stabilization and Tracking of Target SOP

Manufacturer Series Name: mPCX-C1 MAP
Product Group: Benchtop Fiber Polarization Controllers
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