MMS-201 Multimode Scrambler

MMS-201 Multimode Scrambler General Photonics
  • SW11297
530-1630 nm; IL ≤1 dB; Scrambling Frequency 22 ±1 kHz; Fiber NA 0.2; Flatness 50, >55 dB... more
Product information "MMS-201 Multimode Scrambler"

530-1630 nm; IL ≤1 dB; Scrambling Frequency 22 ±1 kHz; Fiber NA 0.2; Flatness <20%; Ripple <10%; RL >50, >55 dB

Speckle patterns from a multimode fiber can cause problems in many applications that require uniform, stable light distributions at the fiber output. General Photonics’ MMS-201 multimode scrambler is specially designed to solve this problem.

Based on a General Photonics proprietary technology, the MMS-201 effectively randomizes multimode speckle patterns over time at a high frequency over 20 kHz. The light distribution at the output appears uniform and stationary when viewed by cameras or detectors with averaging times >80 ms.

In addition, the all-fiber optical path minimizes the scrambler’s insertion loss. The fiber used for this device undergoes a special surface treatment to prevent breakage under stress, ensuring high device reliability.

The MMS-201 can improve performance in various applications including DNA sequencing, multimode fiber sensing and test and measurement of multimode fiber devices.

Key Features:

  • Compact Size: 230 x 105 x 65 mm
  • Reliable
  • High Speed – Scrambling Frequency: 22 ±1 kHz
  • Efficient
  • Operating Wavelength Range: 530 to 1630 nm
  • Fiber Type: 50/125 µm Step Index Standard, Others Optional
  • Can Be Made With Custom Fiber
  • Fiber Numerical Aperture (NA): 0.2
  • Insertion Loss (IL): ≤1 dB at 635 nm, Including Connectors
  • Return Loss (RL): >50 dB (With PC Connector), >55 dB (With APC Connector)
  • Flatness: <20% Typical
  • Ripple: <10% Typical
  • Optical Power Handling: 400 mW
  • Enable/Disable Signal

Applications: DNA Sequencing; Multimode Fiber Sensing; Test and Measurement

Product Group: Multimode Scrambler
Manufacturer Series Name: MMS-201
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