MINISCAN III 2-Axis Deflection Units

MINISCAN III-10 2-Axis Deflection Units Raylase
  • SW11863
Optical Deflection ±0.393 rad; Processing Speed 30-100 rad/s; Positioning Speed 30-100 rad/s;... more
Product information "MINISCAN III 2-Axis Deflection Units"

Optical Deflection ±0.393 rad; Processing Speed 30-100 rad/s; Positioning Speed 30-100 rad/s; Input Aperture 10, 14, 20 mm; Digital Control via SL2-100 or XY2-100 Protocol

Raylase’s MINISCAN III 2-axis deflection units offer very stable digital control, which further improves noise and drift values, thereby making the systems even more reliable and robust. Both the XY2-100 16 Bit and the SL2-100 20 Bit protocols can be used for digital control with the digital interface. A corresponding cable defines the use of the protocol.

Lenses, protective glass, and mirror substrates and coatings are available for many standard laser types, wavelengths, power densities, focal lengths and processing areas. This allows to handle a wide range of tasks with best quality and optimized throughput. Speed and dynamic responses are guaranteed, thanks to digital control and powerful PWM output stages.

We would also be happy to help you put together the perfect configuration for your application – get in touch with the AMS Technologies deflection experts now to discuss your project’s requirements!

Key Features:

  • Digitally Controlled, Low Noise and Drift
  • Control: Via SL2-100 Protocol 20 Bit or XY2-100 Protocol 16 Bit
  • Robust and Dust-proof for Industrial Applications
  • Various Mirror Substrates and Coatings for Marking, Hatching (AM SLM / SLS) and Cleaning
  • Available Input Apertures: 10, 14, 20 mm
  • Optical Deflection (typ.): ±0.393 rad
  • Resolution XY2-100, 16 Bit: 12 µrad
  • Resolution SL2-100, 20 Bit: 0.76 µrad
  • Repeatability (RMS): <2.0 µrad
  • Position Noise (RMS): <3.2, <4.5 µrad
  • Max. Temperature Drift: 15 ppm/K Gain, 10 µrad/K Offset
  • Long-term Drift (8 h): <80 µrad
  • Beam Displacement: 12.4, 17, 26 mm
  • Tuning: M, MA, VC, C
  • Writing Speed with High/Good Writing Quality: 600 to 1000 cps
  • Processing Speed: 30 to 100 rad/s
  • Positioning Speed: 30 to 100 rad/s
  • Tracking Error: 0.13 to 0.34 ms
  • Step Response Time (@1% of Full Scale): 0.30 to 1.01 ms
  • Power Supply: +30/+48 VDC, 2 A RMS, max. 5 A
  • Temperature Range: +15°C to +35°C
  • Protection: IP64
  • Dimensions: 100.0 x 77.0 x 81.5/83.0 mm, 134.0 x 98.0 x 100.3 mm, 145.0 x 116.0 x 103.5 mm
  • Weight (w/o Objective): Approx. 0.9, 2.0, 2.5 kg

Applications: Hatching of Surfaces in Additive Manufacturing with High Dynamic Performances; Ablation and Cleaning of Surfaces at High Speed; Challenging Marking Tasks

Product Group: 2-Axis Deflection Units
Manufacturer Series Name: MINISCAN III
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