Matisse 2 T Series Classic Tunable Ti:Sa CW Ring Lasers

Matisse 2 T Series Classic Tunable Ti_Sa CW Ring Lasers Sirah Lasertechnik
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660-1050 nm; Output Power 0.8-7.2 W; Linewidth 50 GHz Sirah Lasertechnik’s Matisse 2 T... more
Product information "Matisse 2 T Series Classic Tunable Ti:Sa CW Ring Lasers"

660-1050 nm; Output Power 0.8-7.2 W; Linewidth <20-<100 kHz rms; Beam Radius 0.6-0.7 mm Typical; Beam Divergence <1.2 mrad; Scan Range >50 GHz

Sirah Lasertechnik’s Matisse 2 T Series of classic tunable Titanium:Sapphire (Ti:Sa) CW ring lasers is the most flexible single-frequency laser series on the market. It can be easily converted by the user from Ti:Sa laser medium to Dye laser medium (see also Matisse 2 D Series Classic Tunable Dye CW Ring Lasers).

This series’ improved housing enables faster purge of the laser. Electronic laser self-alignment (ELSA) technology allows hands-free operation. A range of extension modules is available from 210 nm to 4200 nm. Extended scans over nanometers are possible, requiring wavemeter and optional fiber launch integrated in the Matisse 2 T Series laser. Its low amplitude noise ensures quiet laser operation.

While Matisse 2 TR lasers are passively stabilized to below 1 MHz, Matisse 2 TS lasers are actively stabilized to below 50 kHz and Matisse 2 TX lasers are Pound-Drever-Hall stabilized to below 30 kHz, the best spectral resolution commercially available. Matisse 2 TX lasers are also available without EOM part as Matisse 2 TX light.

Most applications involving the Matisse 2 T lasers require very precise manipulation of the laser‘s frequency. This includes tuning the Matisse to a specific wavelength, scan the laser over a defined frequency range, or fix the output to a special wavelength. A variety of integrated wavemeters is available for the Matisse 2 T lasers that provide turn-key ready solutions to these tasks. These wavemeters give real-time feedback on the laser‘s wavelength, thus allowing fully automized control of the Matisse 2 T laser system.

The Matisse 2 T lasers incorporate a stack of optical filters, which together select a single cavity mode. Setting these filters to achieve output at a specific wavelength requires the careful execution of a number of optimizations. This task is fully automized when an integrated Matisse 2 wavemeter is present. The only user inputs required is the desired wavelength and whether the laser should have maximal scanability to the short or long wavelength range. Further features available with the integrated wavemeters include Extended Scan and Counter Drift.

Key Features:

  • Continuous Wave
  • Single-frequency Laser Radiation
  • High Power Output: Up to 8.4 W
  • Low Amplitude Noise: Quiet Laser Operation
  • Special Optics for Enlarged Tuning Range: 662 – 1050 nm
  • Very Narrow Linewidth / High Spectral Resolution: <20 kHz rms to <100 kHz rms
  • Extension Modules Available From 210 nm to 4200 nm
  • Hands-free Operation With ELSA (Electronic Laser Self Alignment)
  • Improved Housing: Faster Purge of Laser
  • Field-serviceable: Optics Change, Maintenance, Upgrades, Conversion to Matisse 2 D
  • Intracavity EOM Available
  Matisse 2 TR Matisse 2 TS Matisse 2 TX Matisse 2 TX light
General Characteristics        
Tuning Range 680 - 1020 nm 690 - 1015 nm 680 - 1020 nm
Specified Power @ approx. 780 nm 0.8 - 7.2 W 1.7 - 6.2 W 0.8 - 7.2 W
Beam Radius 0.6 - 0.7 mm Typical

< 1 MHz rms / 100 ms
< 100 kHz rms / 100 µs

< 50 kHz rms / 100 ms
< 35 kHz rms / 100 µs

< 30 kHz rms / 100 ms
< 20 kHz rms / 100 µs

 < 50 kHz rms / 100 ms
<  35 kHz rms / 100 µs

Beam Divergence <1.2 mrad (Half Angle)
Amplitude Noise <0.1% rms (Above Pump Noise, Added in Quadrature)
 Scan Range  > 50 GHz (At Approximately 780 nm)  
 Beam Polarization  Horizontal  
 Dimensions 354 x 850 x 238-252 mm  435 x 850 x 238-252 mm 
 Pump Laser  Millenia Series (Contact AMS Technologies for Other Pump Lasers)  
 Ambient Conditions  Constant Temperature +20 - +30 °C, 80% Max. Rel. Humidity  
 Cooling  Required for Crystal (<20 W)  
 Laboratory  Vibrational Isolated Optical Table, Dust-free Air (Flow Box)  
 Computer Control  XP, Vista, Windows 7/8/10, USB Port  


Applications: Scientific Research; Quantum Optics; Atomic Cooling; Holography; High-resolution Spectroscopy; Raman Spectroscopy

Product Group: Classic Tunable Ti:Sa CW Ring Lasers
Manufacturer Series Name: Matisse 2 T Series
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