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Power Supply Single Phase, 20 A; Lens Type Spherical, Aspheric, Wedge, Bi-conic, Angled Wedge,... more
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Power Supply Single Phase, 20 A; Lens Type Spherical, Aspheric, Wedge, Bi-conic, Angled Wedge, Angled Bi-conic; Process Speed 10, 20 s; Tip Radius 5->200 µm; Dimensions 1,430x830x1,180 mm; Weight 450 kg

OpTek Systems’ LaserCleave™-Lens/Wedge laser lensing tools offer unparalleled performance in the production of lensed optical fiber.

Processing of polarization maintaining (PM), single mode (SM) and multi mode (MM) fiber is fast, accurate and reliable, with processing times at a fraction of that required for grind and polish, and first-pass yield at 99.9%. Spherical, aspheric and asymmetric lenses are laser-machined for high-efficiency coupling, improving your product performance while reducing manufacturing costs.

OpTek’s laser lensing tools are available in two versions:

  • LaserCleave™-Lens conical lenser for spherical & aspheric lenses
  • LaserCleave™-Wedge wedge/bi-conic lenser for asymmetric lenses

OpTek LaserCleave™-Lens/Wedge laser lensing systems machine a high-performance lens directly onto the end of an optical fiber. Asymmetric lenses are produced using feedback from on-line far field measurements to ensure accurate centring of the lens on the fiber core.

The non-contact process is incredibly fast and uses on-line imaging to ensure accurate centration of the lens to the fiber. The superior optical quality of the surface and exceptional control over the lens ensures maximum coupling.

Key Features:

  • Lens Type: Spherical, Aspheric, Wedge, Bi-conic, Angled Wedge, Angled Bi-conic
  • Scrap Angle Removal
  • Process Speed: Typically 10, 20 s Per Lens
  • Flexibility: Store and Recall Thousands of Lens Designs
  • Change Time Between Different Lenses: 10 s
  • Tip “Radius” LaserCleave™-Lens: 5 to 15 μm SM, to >200 μm MM & Collimator
  • Tip “Radius” LaserCleave™-Wedge: 5 to 50 μm SM & MM
  • Tip “Radius” Tolerance: ±0.5 μm SM
  • Lens Alignment to Core: ±0.5 μm SM
  • Yield: >99%
  • Surface Finish: Laser Polished
  • Lens Performance: Superior Surface Finish and Ability to Tune Lens Design Gives Un-matched Optical Performance
  • Robust Rounded Edges
  • Non-contact Process
  • Power Supply: Single Phase, 20 A
  • No Water or Gas Needed
  • Vision: Integrated High-magnification Vision System
  • Shards: Integrated Collection of >1M Fiber Shards
  • Communications: PC Remote Control Via Internet
  • Dimensions: 1,430 x 830 x 1,180 mm
  • Weight: 450 kg

Applications: Production of Lensed Optical Fiber; Laser-machining a High-performance Lens Directly onto the End of an Optical Fiber

Product Group: Laser Lensers
Manufacturer Series Name: LaserCleave™-Lens/Wedge
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