iKon-M 912 CCD Cameras

iKon-M 912 CCD Cameras Andor Technology
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0.3 MP; Pixel Size 24x24 µm; Sensor Size 12.3x12.3 mm; 14.4 fps; 16 bit; USB 2.0; Read Noise... more
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0.3 MP; Pixel Size 24x24 µm; Sensor Size 12.3x12.3 mm; 14.4 fps; 16 bit; USB 2.0; Read Noise 2.5e-; -100°C TE cooled

Andor’s iKon-M 912 series are cooled back-illuminated CCD cameras designed to offer the ultimate in high dynamic range, low noise performance and photon sensitivity. The 512 x 512 CCD array with 24 μm pixels has been optimized for extremely high well depth and maximum photon collection per pixel. The cameras also offer a QEmax of 95% and exceptionally low readout noise.

The iKon-M 912 benefit from negligible dark current with industry-leading thermoelectric cooling down to -100°C, enabling use of significantly longer exposure times than offered by any other camera on the market using this same sensor. The iKon-M platform offers Multi-Megahertz readout for more rapid acquisition or fast focusing, along with direct USB 2.0 connectivity to PC. 

Key Features:

  • 300,000 e- Well Depth
  • TE Cooling to -100°C For Negligible Dark Current, Without The Aggravation Or Safety Concerns Associated With LN2.
  • QEmax > 90 °C from Back-Illuminated Sensor For Maximum Photon Capture And Higher S/N Ratio
  • Ultra Low Noise Readout Down to 2.5 Electrons rms With Intelligent Low-Noise Electronics
  • Multi-Megahertz Pixel Readout
  • UltraVac™ 



Active Pixels 0.3 MP
Pixel Size 24x24 µm
Sensor Size 12.3x12.3 mm
Frame Rate 14.4 fps
Resolution 16 bit
Interface USB 2.0 

Astronomy; Bioluminescence/Chemiluminescence; Absorption Measurement; Photon Emission Microscopy; Hyper-Spectral Imaging; Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF); Brewster Angle Microscopy (BAM)

Product Group: CCD Cameras
Manufacturer Series Name: iKon-M 912
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