iDus 401 & 420 CCD Cameras

iDus 401 & 420 CCD Cameras Andor Technology
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0.13, 0.26 MP; Pixel Size 26x26 µm; Image Area 26.6x6.6 mm; 16 bit; USB 2.0 The... more
Product information "iDus 401 & 420 CCD Cameras"

0.13, 0.26 MP; Pixel Size 26x26 µm; Image Area 26.6x6.6 mm; 16 bit; USB 2.0

The USB2.0-based iDus series are compact, yet feature-rich CCD camera platforms suitable for demanding spectroscopy applications. such as low-light UV/NIR Photoluminence or Raman spectroscopy, as well as day-to-day routine laboratory operation and integration into industry-grade systems.

The iDus 401 and 420 CCD cameras boast market-leading deep thermo-electric cooling to -100°C, complemented by Andor’s UltravacTM technology with its un-matched reliability track record in the scientific and industrial community. The iDus low-noise electronics allows seamless access to the best signal-to-noise ratio performance for the widest range of photon detection regimes.

iDus 401 cameras are deep depletion spectroscopy CCD cameras. Anti-fringing comes as standard on back-thinned and back-illuminated sensors for this 1024 x 127, 26 μm pixels array optimized for high dynamic range, high resolution and rapid data acquisition from Far UV to NIR.

iDus 420 cameras are high speed spectroscopy CCD cameras. This 1024 x 255 pixel matrix boasts a range of far UV and VIS-optimized back-thinned sensors and NIR-optimized back-illuminated (‘fringe-suppressed’) sensor options. Its, 26 x 26 μm pixel size is optimized for high dynamic range and high resolution, while its 6.6 mm height is ideally suited to multi-track spectroscopy.


Key Features:

  • Peak QE of 95%: Visible-Optimized ‘BV/BVF’, Infrared-Optimized ‘BR-DD’ and Broadband UV-NIR ‘BEX2-DD’ Models
  • TE cooling to -100°C: Critical for Elimination of Dark Current Detection Limit - No Inconvenience Associated With LN2.
  • UltraVac™
  • Single Window Design
  • Fringe suppression technology as Standard (BVF and BR-DD models): Fringing Greatly Reduced (Deep-Depletion) or Minimized (Back-Thinned ‘BVF’)
  • Extended Range Dual-AR Option For Superior UV-NIR Broadband QE



  iDus 401 iDus 420
Active Pixels 1024 x 127 1024 x 255 (1024 x 256 for Bx-DD Model)
Pixel Size (W x H) 26 x 26 μm 26 x 26 μm
Image Area 26.6 x 3.3 mm 26.6 x 6.6 mm
Register Well Depth (Typical) 1,000,000 e- 1,000,000 e-
Maximum Cooling -100ºC -100ºC
Maximum Spectra per Sec 88 88
Read Noise As low as 3 e- As low as 4 e-
Dark Current As low as 0.0005 e-/pixel/sec As low as 0.0004 e-/pixel/sec


Applications: Low-Light UV/NIR Photoluminescence or Raman Spectroscopy

Product Group: CCD Cameras
Manufacturer Series Name: iDus 401 & 420
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