HIREC® Super Water Repellent Coatings

HIREC® Super Water Repellent Coatings NTT-AT
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Super Hydrophobic; Variants for Outdoor & Indoor Use Available; Anti Stick Characteristics;... more
Product information "HIREC® Super Water Repellent Coatings"

Super Hydrophobic; Variants for Outdoor & Indoor Use Available; Anti Stick Characteristics; Photocatalytic Self Cleaning Effect

NTT-AT’s super water-repellent material HIREC® is a dramatic new concept in the field of water-repellent materials. While traditional waterproofing prevents water from permeating, HIREC® keeps water away completely.

Compared to traditional water-repellent coatings like PTFE creating a maximum contact angle between an object and water droplets of approximately 100°, HIREC® provides a contact angle of 150° or more, resulting in unparalleled water repelling performance. On top of that, HIREC® coatings also demonstrate superior effectiveness in preventing adhesion of snow, ice, and other substances.

Water hitting HIREC®-coated surfaces is instantaneously repelled and disperses into small droplets with minimum adhesion. Water droplets remaining on horizontal surfaces are round and maintain a spherical shape as if they are standing up – and they instantly roll off angled or vertical surfaces, leaving a water film free object.

Additionally, HIREC® 100 coatings feature a photocatalytic self-cleaning effect, greatly improving the problem of coating deterioration caused by air pollution, etc. Photocatalyst particles with strong oxidation power are part of the HIREC® coating layer – activated by sunlight (UV radiation), these photocatalysts crack oils, dust and other debris from the coating’s surface, resulting in a clean, fresh layer of water repellant coating and thus keeping its super water repellent characteristics for approximately three years.

HIREC® 100 series for outdoor applications and HIREC® 450 series for indoor or small area applications are available. Both series can be supplied as cans or canisters for brush, roller or air spray gun application, but also as handy spray cans (HIREC® 1100, HIREC® 1450NF), containing aerosol-type coating for minor repairs or very small areas.

For HIREC® 100, primer coating is required, using one or two different types of primers. These primers as well as dedicated thinners for primers and coating material are included in the HIREC® 100 system of super water repellent coatings. HIREC® 450 requires no primer coating, but a specialized thinner is included in the HIREC® 450 system of super water repellent coatings.

HIREC® is not a clear coating, the finished surface will appear opaque. HIREC® is a soft coating and therefore not tolerant against abrasion. Rubbing, scratching, or otherwise mechanically interfering with the surface can damage the coating. For this reason, we do not recommend HIREC® to be used in applications which requires constant touching, contact, or knowingly abrasive environment such as use in automobiles or other mobile units.

Please also note that the repellency of the coating deteriorates from dirt, pollution, or oily substances such as mechanical oil and finger oil. For HIREC®100 series however, this product’s self-cleaning action exfoliates most of the contamination when it is exposed to sunlight and gradually regains its hydrophobicity.

Key Features:

  • Super Hydrophobic: Prevents Water Film Formation
  • >150° Contact Angle – Leads to Unparalleled Performance
  • “Anti-stick” Characteristics – Reduces Accumulation of Snow and Ice
  • Photocatalytic Self Cleaning Effect – Maintains Performance for Years

Applications: Parabolic Antennas; Satellite Dishes; Radomes (Radar Domes); Bridges; Power Masts; Steel Towers; Plastics (Acrylic Resin, ABS Resin etc.); Metals (excluding Copper); Glass; Other

Product Group: Super Water Repellent Coatings
Manufacturer Series Name: HIREC®
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