GIPO Series Series High Voltage Pulse Generators

GIPO Series High Voltage DC DC Converter SDS High Voltage
  • SW10331
Small Size; Input Voltage 85 to 264 VAC; Output Voltage -500 to -5,500 VDC; Pulse Rising Edge... more
Product information "GIPO Series Series High Voltage Pulse Generators"

Small Size; Input Voltage 85 to 264 VAC; Output Voltage -500 to -5,500 VDC; Pulse Rising Edge from 2.5 ns

The GIPO series is the instrumented stand-alone version of the GIPO series. It features a clear screen display control panel. Based upon the use of field-effect transistor technology, the GIPO-SAU series of high voltage pulse generators can produce pulses up to 5.5 kVDC, with a rise time of just a few nanoseconds (generally 3 ns), with an adjustable pulse length as short as 200 ns and as long along as 30 μs for charging capacitive loads.

A high-voltage power supply with very high stability (10 ppm/°C) is integrated in the GIPO high-voltage pulse generator. For stand-alone operation, the user can set the amplitude. width and frequency of the HV pulse output with the help of 10-turn potentiometers. For remote control operation, the equipment is fitted with an input for external 0/10 VDC analog signal. HV pulses are triggered manually with a frontpanel pushbutton (one shot), periodically in internal mode or by an external trigger signal. This stand-alone pulse generator is fully qualified and has been tested by some of the major optical and photonics companies.

Key Features:

  • Stand-alone HV pulse generator
  • Pulses can reach 5.5 kVDC; <3 ns (typ. 2.5 ns)
  • Pulse width adjustable from 22 ns to 30 µs
  • Adjustments can be made locally via 10-turn potentiometers or remotely

Applications: Pockel Cells, Multi-Channel Plates, Intensified CCDs, Laser Diodes, Flash Lamps

Product Group: High Voltage Pulse Generators
Manufacturer Series Name: GIPO Series
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