EPIC Technology Workshop on PIC Post-Processing & Packaging at LASER World of Photonics 2023, 29 June 2023

AMS Technologies is hosting a workshop around PICs post-processing during LWoP and will talk about how to ensure optimal performance and minimize development costs of PICs. The workshop is organized by EPIC – European Photonics Industry Consortium in cooperation with LASER World of Photonics

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Why a workshop about PICs post-processing?

Photonic integrated circuits (PICs) are becoming increasingly important in a wide range of applications. Compared with traditional electronic circuits, they offer benefits in terms of speed, bandwidth and energy efficiency. In this workshop AMS Technologies is going to present innovative technologies to guarantee optical performance and minimize the development costs.

Improved quality of the PIC end surface with chip polishing

The quality of the end surface of the PIC can affect its performance, thus setting new requirements towards polishing equipment. We will talk about fully automated polishing systems highlighting key features that enable crucial jobs when it comes to PICs:

  • Polishing of PICs with different sizes with workholder fixtures incorporating flexible holding mechanisms
  • Precise material stock removal thanks to micron-level control of component positioning when it comes to the polishing surface
  • Minimized back-reflection based on the possibility to polish bare fibers and waveguides at user-defined angles.

Real-time in-line inspection of polished surfaces

Real-time in-line inspection of polished surfaces while the component is still loaded in the polisher minimizes material handling and enables to confirm endface geometry before removing the component from the machine. We will talk about video inspection options that enable to monitor the polishing process in real-time and to inspect the quality of polished surfaces.

Effective characterization of PICs throughout the development cycle

Effective testing of PICs is critical for ensuring the accuracy of their optical performance and reducing the costs associated with their development and production. Our comprehensive portfolio of test and measurement solutions offers instruments of high accuracy, resolution and measurement speed to accurately quantify the optical performance of each component on the chip, whether in the laboratory or in production.

Demos for polishing, inspection and characterization of PICs at AMS Technologies booth # B2.203

Interested visitors can experience first-hand demos for PICs post-processing at our booth


If you would like to arrange an appointment at our booth please send an email to contact@amstechnologies.com or send a request via our contact form. We will be pleased to send a free entry ticket to customers who prebook an appointment with us.





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