EV Series High Voltage AC/DC Power Supplies

EV Series High Voltage AC_DC Power Supplies XP Glassman
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Input Voltage 198-264 VAC; Max. Output Voltage 0.75-1.5 kVDC; Max. Power 3,000 W; Efficiency... more
Product information "EV Series High Voltage AC/DC Power Supplies"

Input Voltage 198-264 VAC; Max. Output Voltage 0.75-1.5 kVDC; Max. Power 3,000 W; Efficiency 85%; Voltage Regulation 0.01%; Current Regulation <0.02% + 4 mA

XP Glassman’s EV Series are sophisticated 3 kW high voltage AC/DC power supplies with low ripple and noise. They are air insulated, fast response, 2U rack-mount units with tight regulation. A range of models is available with output voltage ranges from 0 to 750 VDC through 0 to 1.5 kVDC.

The EV series features active power factor correction (PFC) over the single-phase input voltage range of 198 to 264 VAC. Either terminal of the floating output may be grounded for operation as a positive or negative supply. Up to four identical supplies may be operated in parallel with user-configurable master and active current sharing. EV Series 2U rack-mount supplies may be stacked with no space required between supplies.

Front panel digital encoders provide high-resolution local adjustment of voltage and current program. A remote analog interface enables user selectable 0 to 5 V or 0 to 10 V analog programming. Integral RS-232, RS-485, USB and optional Ethernet communications provide remote control program and monitor with 12 bit accuracy. A rear panel switch allows selection of either constant-current or current-trip operation. The unit stores power supply parameters at each AC turn-off sequence.

Ripple is less than 0.1% RMS of rated voltage at full load up to 1 MHz. Total ripple and noise is less than 0.4% peak-to-peak of rated voltage up to 20 MHz. The EV Series’ standard operation mode is constant voltage/current. Automatic crossover from constant-voltage to constant-current regulation provides protection against overloads, arcs and short circuits. Forced air cooling with high-speed frictionless bearing technology fans reduces noise and extends fan life.

Standard accessories for the EV Series include a line cord, null modem cable, RS485 daisy chain cable and USB cable.

The EV Series supplies are fully compliant with the following European directives:

  • EN61010-1/IEC61010-1, Safety
  • EN61000-6-4, Conducted and Radiated Emissions
  • EN61000-6-2, Conducted and Radiated Immunity
  • 2011/65/EU, Restriction of the Use of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)

Key Features:

  • 2U Rack Mount
  • Floating Output with 1,500 V Isolation
  • Maximum Output Power: 3 kW
  • Maximum Output Voltage: 750 to 1,500 VDC
  • Maximum Output Current: 2.0 to 4.0 A
  • Low Ripple: <0.1% RMS of Rated Voltage (10 Hz to 1 MHz)
  • Maximum Ripple and Noise: 3 to 6 V (Peak-to-Peak up to 20 MHz)
  • Static Voltage Regulation: <0.01% for Specified Line and 0.1% for Specified Load Variations
  • Current Regulation: <0.02% + 4 mA From Short Circuit (>1 mΩ) to Rated Voltage
  • Constant Voltage/Constant Current Operation
  • Field Strappable Parallel Operation: Up to 4 Identical Units Can Be Connected in Parallel
  • Front Panel, Remote, RS232, RS485, USB & Optional Ethernet Control
  • Input Voltage: 198 to 264 VAC RMS, 48 to 63 Hz, Single Phase
  • Efficiency: 85% Typical at Full Load
  • Power Factor: 0.99 Typical at Full Load
  • Output Voltage Accuracy: 0.5% of Setting + 0.2% of Rated
  • Stored Energy: 5 to 11.3 J
  • Voltage Monitor: 0 to +5/+10 VDC Signal for 0 to Rated Voltage
  • Current Monitor: 0 to +5/+10 VDC Signal for 0 to Rated Current
  • Stability: 0.05% Over 8 h After 0.5 h Warm-up
  • Polarity: Floating Output, Either Output can be Connected to Chassis Ground
  • Protection: Against All Overload Conditions, Including Arcs and Short Circuits
  • Options: Arc Quench, Arc Count, Latching Arc Count, Ethernet, Slow Start Ramp
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Approvals: IEC61010-1:2010; EN61000-6-4:2007, Class A EN61000-6-2:2005
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to +40 °C
  • Dimensions: 88.1 x 482.6 x 508.0 mm

Applications: High Voltage, High Power Applications; Photonics; Healthcare (Analytical, Diagnostics, Detectors); Industrial; Semiconductor Manufacturing; Research; Other

Product Group: High Voltage AC/DC Power Supplies
Manufacturer Series Name: EV Series
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