ES Series Aluminium Flat Tube Oil Coolers

ES Series Aluminium Flat Tube Oil Coolers Lytron-Aavid-Boyd
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ES Series Aluminium Flat Tube Oil Coolers Lytron-Aavid-Boyd Tube Material Aluminium; Fin... more
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ES Series Aluminium Flat Tube Oil Coolers Lytron-Aavid-Boyd Tube Material Aluminium; Fin Material Aluminium, Fin Heat Exchangers; 680-2,960 W; Liquid Pressure Drop 0.2-0.4 bar; Air Pressure Drop 19.93-52.31 Pa; Fan Plate Included

Aavid-Boyd’s (formerly Lytron’s) ES Series of flat tube aluminium oil coolers are heat exchangers engineered for high performance and optimum cooling with poor heat transfer fluids such as oils and Ethylene Glycol/Water mixture (EGW). ES series oil coolers provides up to 2.5 times greater thermal performance per unit volume than competitive oil cooler models. 

Four models are available, with cooling performances (initial temperature difference between inlet fluid and inlet air using standard fan operating on 60 Hz power and maximum coolant flow rate) ranging from 680 W to 2,960 W.

The aluminium flat tube fluid channels in the ES series of oil coolers are vacuum brazed with aluminium fin and a frame for a rugged and lightweight construction. These oil coolers are ideal for liquid cooling x-ray tubes, aircraft engines, hydraulic fluid, high speed spindles and more.

Aavid-Boyd's  unique aluminium flat tube technology has multiple extended surface channels in each tube. These tubes provide maximum cooling by having a large surface area in contact with the fluid. Aavid-Boyd's  air-side fin geometry efficiently channels air across the fin surface to further boost heat transfer capability. The ES Series oil coolers can be equipped with one or two axial fans – 230 or 115 V fan kits are available.

The fluxless vacuum-brazed construction of the oil coolers results in a clean, rugged, and highly reliable heat exchanger with excellent thermal contact and mechanical strength. ES Series oil coolers' flat tube fluid channels and efficient header manifold result in a very low pressure drop, so smaller, less expensive pumps can be used. The oil coolers' all-aluminium, vacuum-brazed construction is lightweight.

Key Features:

  • Type: Oil Cooler Liquid-to-air
  • Tube Material (Fluid Path): Aluminium
  • Fluid Compatibility: Oil, EGW
  • Fin Material: Copper
  • Integrated Fan Plate for Improved Performance and Convenience
  • Fittings: 3/8” – 18 NPT
  • Cooling Capacity: 680 to 2,960 W (20 °C Initial Temperature Difference Between Inlet Fluid and Inlet Air Using Standard Fan Operating on 60 Hz Power and Maximum Coolant Flow Rate)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: +200 °C
  • Maximum Pressure: 10 bar
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 15.1, 18.9 l/min
  • Liquid Pressure Drop: 0.2 to 0.4 bar
  • Air Pressure Drop: 19.93 to 52.31 Pa
  • Optional Fan Kit With 1 or 2 Fans
  • Fluid Volume: 229 to 508 ml
  • Dimensions: 198 x 77 x 167 to 454 x 77 x 212 mm
  • Dry Weight: 0.91 to 2.51 kg

Applications: High-performance Cooling With Poor Heat Transfer Fluids Such as Oils and Ethylene Glycol/Water Mixture (EGW); Liquid Cooling of X-Ray Tubes, Aircraft Engines, Hydraulic Fluid, High-speed Spindles and More

Manufacturer Series Name: ES Series
Product Group: Aluminium Flat Tube Oil Coolers
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