DCC-010-005 Direct-Coupling Collimators

DCC-010-005 Direct-Coupling Collimators Mightex
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SMA Connector; 185-2100 nm; Focal Length 10 mm; Clear Aperture 5 mm; f# 2; Numerical Aperture... more
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SMA Connector; 185-2100 nm; Focal Length 10 mm; Clear Aperture 5 mm; f# 2; Numerical Aperture 0.24

Mightex’s DCC-010-005 series of direct-coupling collimators are used to either coupling light from free space into a spectrometer or collimating light from a point light source to form a collimated (parallel) optical beam.

Direct-coupling collimators are key components with numerous applications. For example, in spectroscopy, a direct coupling collimator can collect light in a narrow field of view into a spectrometer. In another example one collimator is connected to a point light source and the collimated beam passes through a cuvette. On the other side of the cuvette a second collimator couples light directly into a spectrometer.

To maximize transmission wavelength range, Mightex DCC-010-005 direct-coupling collimators feature a single BK7 (DCC-010-005-V, 350 to 2000 nm) or UV fused silica lens (DCC-010-005-U, 185 to 2100 nm) without optical coating. The DCC-010-005 series collimator housing is machined from aluminium alloy for maximum durability. The collimators feature an internal SMA thread for direct connecting to spectrometers with popular SMA input ports

When installed on a spectrometer, the full field of view (FOV) or full divergence angle can be calculated as FOV = 2atan(W/2f) where W is the width of the entrance slit of the spectrometer and f is the focal length of the lens. Alternatively, the linear field of view on an object placed a distance L away from the collimator is W(L/f). Focusing of the collimator is adjustable for object distance between 50 mm and infinity.

Key Features:

  • Wavelength Range: 350 to 2000 nm (DCC-010-005-V with BK7 Lens), 185 to 2100 nm (DCC-010-005-U with UV Fused Silica Lens)
  • Focal Length: 10 mm
  • Clear Aperture: 5 mm
  • f#: 2
  • Numerical Aperture: 0.24
  • Adjustable Focus
  • Aluminium Alloy Construction
  • Internal SMA Thread

Applications: Coupling Light into Spectrometers; Collimating Light from Light Sources; Spectroscopy

Product Group: Direct-Coupling Collimators
Manufacturer Series Name: DCC-010-005
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