CSL Capillary Speed Loader

CSL Capillary Speed Loader 3SAE Technologies
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Rapid Loading of up to 19 Fibers; Fiber Fixtures for 700, 870 µm Outer Diameter & Custom; Air... more
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Rapid Loading of up to 19 Fibers; Fiber Fixtures for 700, 870 µm Outer Diameter & Custom; Air Gap Fiber Bundle/Capillary 10 µm; Fiber Cleaning With Ultrasound & Chemical; Separate Cleaning and Loading Stages; Onboard Heater

3SAE Technologies’ Capillary Speed Loader (CSL) facilitates rapid loading of up to 19 fibers into a capillary. Using the CSL, fiber bundles can be loaded into a capillary with as little as 10 μm of air gap between the bundle and the capillary.

The CSL utilizes a funnel shaped capillary to hold the capillary during the fiber loading process. The system uses an ultrasonic cleaner in conjunction with acetone or chemical of choice, to lubricate and remove static from the fibers during the loading stage.

The ultrasonic cleaner features one touch operation with a user adjustable cycle and visual and audible notifications. Two individual reservoirs facilitate separate cleaning and loading stages. The CSL also includes an onboard heater to expedite the evaporation process of the acetone after loading.

The CSL Capillary Speed Loader includes standard fixturing for 700 μm and 870 μm outer diameter capillaries. Custom sizes are available on request.

Key Features:

  • Rapid Loading of up to 19 Fibers into a Capillary
  • Separate Cleaning and Loading Reservoirs
  • One-touch Ultrasonic Operation
  • Onboard Heater

Application: Rapid Loading of Fiber Bundles with up to 19 Fibers into a Capillary

Product Group: Capillary Speed Loader
Manufacturer Series Name: CSL
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