CHX Series Water-Cooled Film Capacitors

CHX Series Water-Cooled Film Capacitors
  • SW10329
0.06 µF to 0.69; VMAX 1500 kv; SMAX 300 kVA 1500 V RMS Working Voltage 300 kVA Max... more
Product information "CHX Series Water-Cooled Film Capacitors"

0.06 µF to 0.69; VMAX 1500 kv; SMAX 300 kVA

  • 1500 VRMS Working Voltage
  • 300 kVA Max Power
  • Up to 200 ARMS Max Current
  • Water-Cooled

This series of water cooled metallized film capacitors basically consists of a wound core soldered between copper terminals. This wound core is composed of two metallic electrodes separated by an insulating dielectric, a thin film of polypropylene. Among the many possible types of core windings in our wide range of metallized film capacitors, the engineers select the type that optimizes the component for a particular mission profile. Due to the materials selected and the special design, these high power capacitors are very robust and reliable (self-healing). The metallized film capacitors offer high capacitance in a small package. They are water cooled, can pass high reactive currents without failure withstand very significant voltage potentials without damage.


  • Capacitance Range 0.06 µF standard; up to 0.069 µF custom
  • Capacitance Tolerance ± 10 % standard, other tolerances available
  • Dimensions 53 mm diameter x 71 mm high, 2 1/16 “ diameter x 2 13/16 “ high
  • Weight .36 kg; .79 lb
  • Operating Temperature Up to +90 °C
  • Cooling method Individually water-cooled
  • Dissipation Factor 0.1 % Maximum
  • Stray Inductance less than 5 nH
Product Group: Film Capacitors
Manufacturer Series Name: CHX Series Water-Cooled
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