CaliPile™ Thermopile Sensors

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FoV 5°, 120°; Sensitivity 41-400 Counts/K; Noise 8 Counts/K; Time Constant 15, 30 ms; Package... more
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FoV 5°, 120°; Sensitivity 41-400 Counts/K; Noise 8 Counts/K; Time Constant 15, 30 ms; Package ISOthermal TO-5, TO-39, Ceramic SMD

Excelitas’ CaliPile™ thermopile sensors offer leading-edge, non-contact temperature measurement for applications in smart home, smart appliances, intelligent thermostats and HVAC control systems, and ear and forehead thermometers.

Excelitas’ CaliPile™ thermopile sensors represent the latest innovation in thermal IR sensing. The only one of its kind, CaliPile is an intelligent, multifunction thermal infrared sensor series. In addition to traditional non-contact temperature measurement capabilities, CaliPile offers motion detection and presence monitoring across short to medium ranges… all from a single and compact unit.

TPMI has become an industry wide established Excelitas functionality. The CaliPile™ series include specially designed electronic circuitry to provide the algorithm and calibration for temperature measurement, digital output and functionality.

This thermopile sensor series provides integrated features that enable measurement as well as presence detection applications. The product line of SMD (surface mount device) thermopiles offer significant space efficiency and streamlined integration.

Featuring a thermopile sensor chip connected to internal circuitry within TO packaging with integral lens options, the CaliPile™ sensor TPiS 1T 1086 L5.5 is suited for highly effective, extended-range, multi-function sensing. Equipped with a highly sensitive thermopile detector, onboard processing electronics and a focusing lens for a narrow field-of-view, the TPiS 1T 1086 L5.5 sensor represents the TO housing version of the award-winning CaliPile™ IR Sensor Series.

The TPiS 1T 1086 L5.5 is calibrated for temperature ranges up to +350 °C in temperature measurement applications. Higher temperature ranges are optionally available. Users may reference the maximum temperature setting as trigger level since the interrupt function will alert users when the level is exceeded.

Featuring a thermopile sensor chip connected to internal circuitry and housed in an ultra-compact SMD package, the CaliPile™ SMD sensor TPiS 1S 1385 is suited for highly effective, near-distance sensing (up to 3 m) without supplemental lensing. This sensor represents Excelitas’ smallest and smartest thermal infrared device to date. To enable these individual functions from a single compact sensor, CaliPile's integrated electronics provide digital conversion and further filtering and processing.

The TPiS 1S 1385 is the SMD version of the award-winning CaliPile Series providing I2C bus communication and signal output. An additional interrupt can serve as a ‘Yes/No’ output for the motion, presence and temperature applications. If the application is high remote temperature sensing, we recommend the TPiS 1S 0185 with a higher dynamic range.

Applications: Remote or Short-range Temperature Measurement; Fast Remote Over-temperature Protection; Near- or Mid-field Human Presence Sensing; Far-field Human Motion Detection; Passive Light-barrier for People Counting; Space-efficient Integration into Smart Home Products; Optimized for Wake-up Battery-operated Thin Devices

Product Group: Thermopile Sensors
Manufacturer Series Name: CaliPile™
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