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16.9 MP; Pixel Size 12x12 µm; Sensor Size 70 mm Diagonal; 54 fps Full Frame; 16 bit; CoaXPress... more
Product information "Balor 17F-12 sCMOS Cameras"

16.9 MP; Pixel Size 12x12 µm; Sensor Size 70 mm Diagonal; 54 fps Full Frame; 16 bit; CoaXPress (4 Lane CXP-6); Low Read Noise; Extended Dynamic Range

Many challenges in modern astronomy require not only high resolution, large field of view and superb sensitivity, they also require speed. However, large area CCD technology is very much performance-limited in this regard, typically requiring more than 40 seconds to readout a single frame with low noise. Andor’s Balor sCMOS platforms address this fundamental application shortfall and are the perfect solution for measuring photometric and astrometric variability across timescales ranging from milliseconds to tens of seconds.

Balor 17F-12, utilizing a sensor that is unique to Andor, is capable of ripping along at up to 54 fps at full 16.9 MP resolution, whilst maintaining an exceptionally low < 3 electrons read noise. The large 12 μm pixels offer large well depth and an on-chip multi-amplifier design means the whole photometric range, from the noise floor up to the saturation limit, can be captured with one image, ideal for quantifying across a range of magnitudes.

With a 70mm sensor diagonal, Balor 17F-12 is the largest commercially available sCMOS camera, designed for ‘dynamic astronomy’ applications. Balor enables resolution enhancement of ground-based astronomy over a much larger field of view than is readily achievable through use of adaptive optics.

Key Features:

  • 16.9 Megapixel / 70mm sensor For Large Sky Surveys
  • 54 fps Full Frame – Fast Solar Dynamics/Fast Moving Objects
  • Low Read Noise Enables Detection of Weak Signal/Small Objects
  • Extended Dynamic Range Across Range of Object Brightness/Sizes
  • Minimal Down Time For Vacuum Longevity and Quality: No Moisture


Active Pixels 16.9 MP
Pixel Size  12x12 µm
Sensor Size 70 mm Diagonal
Frame Rate 54 fps Full Frame
Resolution 16 bit


Applications: Orbital Debris Tracking; Solar Astronomy; Solar System Object Detection; Exoplanet Discovery; Atmospheric Studies; Fast Time Resolution Astrophysics; Speckle/Lucky Imaging

Product Group: sCMOS Cameras
Manufacturer Series Name: Balor 17F-12
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